Fan Report: JYJ Showcase in Seoul Fan Account 1 Oct-12-2010

Hello everyone, please excuse the lack of coherence in this account. I’m still greatly deprived of oxygen and my waist is close to snapping. Please understand T.T

During the showcase, they placed a video showing footage from when they were recording their new album in the US. Then there were a few words from the producers who were involved.

After the interview, the three introduced themselves. It seemed as though there were a lot of Yoochun fans where I was standing… probably because of SungKyunKwan Scandal. When he came out, the screaming was especially loud. Of course, it was equally deafening for the 2 other members!

The three alternated in answering questions (I’m still in a bit of a daze right now, so I don’t really remember what the questions were). Basically, the interview revolved around how they felt being on stage again after so long, what they thought of the new album and their gratitude towards the fans. They also said a little about the more difficult periods when they didn’t have any schedules and such.

The effect of SungKyunKwan really cannot be underestimated. Whenever Yoochun spoke, people would scream ‘LEE SUN JOON’ and then he’d say ‘Should I perhaps change my name?’

Jaejoong was as adorable as ever. He suddenly stood up and walked to the B zone. People wondered what he was looking at only to find out later on that he’d gotten up to get himself a bottle of water…

I think Yoochun was asked about the differences between recording in Korea and in the US. He said a single word… I think it was ‘instrument’… and the fans completely lost control. Everyone went ‘ohhhhh’~~ We were all so proud of Yoochun’s english!

Yoochun also said that Junsu’s english has really improved, and when the fans demanded Junsu to speak english, he mumbled ‘hello’ uncomfortably but it was so cute! There was a short episode in between where the MC asked a question and the whole crowd began to scream ‘don’t cry’. Junsu rubbed at his eyes a little and then the MC asked if he was really crying, but he said ‘nope’.

I don’t remember the exact order, but there was another video later on… I think it was something related to their dreams and pursuits. Since a portion of the money made at these showcases will be donated to charity, they felt like they were doing a good deed in helping more children fulfill their dreams.

Jaejoong told the audience they were going to sing a Korean song – the SungKyunKwan Scandal OST ‘Chajatta’. Everyone in the audience sang along with them, especially during the high parts! We all did very well! Then they performed 2 new songs~

As a whole, the showcase was definitely a success. The fans were extremely supportive and the trio gave us their best as usual. And of course, there was the red ocean! The new songs are all absolutely amazing, so please go and buy the new album! I hope that the upcoming showcases will be just as successful and that you’ll all give them your support!

Always keep the faith!

Credits: MrPark
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

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