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The Japanese mini-album released by Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun (JYJ or JJY) has taken the #1 spot on the Oricon WEEKLY chart.  The mini-album garnered a lot of attention and is the first mini release from the three members since the dustup with you-know-who (the Korean management agency that has come under heavy criticism for their corporate practices).

The mini-album sold just under 140,000 copies in its first week alone in an atmosphere where sales are generally quite low for most artists.  It is unheard of for a non-Japanese group to have such monumental success in Japan.  To the Japanese, the Oricon chart is like the Billboard chart in the U.S.

Some songs on the album were first sang during a “Thanksgiving” concert live in DOME in Japan.  It was incredibly emotional for the guys who had to help create a show for only the 3 of them instead of the whole group of 5 that they’re used to.

In addition, the DVD of those DOME concerts which includes behind the scenes footage, also took the #1 spot on the Oricon DVD WEEKLY chart .  If nothing else, this proves that the 3 members are sophisticated and professional enough to be successful without the full backing of their Korean management company.  Its bitter sweet because the 3 members would prefer that they could perform as 5 again regardless of what country they’re in.

Congrats to the success of JYJ.



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