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First, calm down.  Second, the news circulating around the world is that apparently something went down with the temporary Korean management agency, called CJeS Entertainment Co., of the three members.

Apparently the head of the agency may have used blackmail and coercion in the past on its artists and has served a prison term in the past. There is also speculation about CJeS having ties with gangs.  As of now, there have been no allegations that we know of about whether the three members were coerced, forced, or blackmailed into signing with CJeS

Because of this situation, there will be a pause in the management of activities in Japan until some of these problems are resolved. Avex is (was?) managing the 3 members activities in Japan.

The PR company for the three members (PRAIN) said that Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun were aware of the decision from Avex to halt their activities before the news broke.  PRAIN is scheduled to release a statement sometime in the near future.

So apparently CJeS is the root of this problem and the three members just happen to be stuck until this situation is worked out or until Avex decides what it wants to do from here.

As of the writing of this article, its about 2am in Japan, so sometime as early as tonight we may have an official statement from Representatives of the three members.



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