Supernova gives shoutout to TVXQ for breaking into Japanese market

Supernova gave thanks to the hard work and dedication put in by TVXQ in Japan for their (Supernova’s) acceptance into the Japanese market now.  Here’s the relevant translated parts of the article:

Supernova Thanks TVXQ In Interview



Supernova compared the differences between idol groups in Korea and Japan and stated that different things are expected from each country. While Korea focuses on the musical aspect of idols, the Japanese focus on the variety show quality of idols. Therefore, this difference makes Korean idol groups a refreshing change for the Japanese who accept them as true musicians. Supernova pointed out that the best example of this is TVXQ.

“It is all thanks to our seniors TVXQ that we’re getting so much love from Japan. It should be known that TVXQ changed the Japanese perception of Korean idol groups and because of this, it has become easier to debut in Japan because the people there now pay more attention to K-pop.”


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