Star News: 3 members of DBSK, amidst the loud cries from 10000 Korean, Chinese and Japanese fans, held their “dearly missed” Comeback

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The 3 members of DBSK who formed the group ‘JYJ’ held their showcase in Korea, starting their official activities.

The 3 members of JYJ held their ‘JYJ Worldwide Showcase in Seoul’ titled showcase at 9pm at Korea University’s Hwajeong Tiger Dome. It has been about a year since they last met their fans in Korea.

This day’s showcase was held to commemorate the first world album ‘The Beginning’ by the 3 members of DBSK who formed JYJ. The 3 members attended last year’s MNet’s Music Awards ‘MAMA’ as prize winners and it has been around a year since then and they have now appeared in front of their fans in Korea again.

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This day, the 3 members dressed up in tight black suits and appeared on stage, starting the showcase with their new song ‘Empty’. ‘EMPTY’ is a song produced by world famous Rodney Jerkins who has worked with stars like Michael Jackson and Beyonce and is a R&B pop dance song; a genre which is recently in fashion.

The next song performed was “Be The One”. The tempo of the songs was increased, making the fans increasingly excited. The fans from all over the venue screamed loudly and waved red lightsticks, rejoicing at the 3 members’ comeback. Xiah Junsu, as usual, used his deep and rich vocals to perform the songs. Hero JaeJoong and Micky Yuchun, as expected, used their unique tender and mellow vocal tones to draw in the crowd.

Ending the showcase, Xiah Junsu, delivering his first message, said, “It seems like a very long time since we last performed on stage, but I am grateful that we are now able to perform together with everyone like that. Please keep anticipating (our activities).”
He then added, conveying his feelings at that time, “Until the album was released, I worried a lot, and wanted to achieve the best in being able to communicate with all of you through the music and achieved success.”

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The members, during then, due to the contract issue with SM Entertainment, faced many complications. This round, they plan to present a special meaning in their JYJ activities.

Micky Yuchun said, delivering his resolution for their new journey, “I really wanted to hold the mike and stand on the stage. For this album, I really had many deep thoughts and worries all at once. I will work hard so that in the future, whenever we release a new album, everyone will have the thought of wanting to continuously listen to our songs.”

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Hero JaeJoong said, “I really want to receive love from everyone. It seems like this resolution has started for this album.” Xiah Junsu said, “To repay everyone for you great love, my thought is that I want to present good music. I will really work hard.” The members delivered to the fans their aspirations of wanting to succeed in their new activities.

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This day, the 3 members of JYJ presented to their fans, live, a total of 5 songs, including songs from their new album: “Ayyy Girl”, “Empty”, “Be My Girl” etc.

World famous pop producers like Rodney Jerkins and Kanye West took part in the production of the album. This day, the new songs which have been released to the public displayed a varied ambience through the activities held in Korea. Though the newest R&B dance songs have been achieved, the members did not forget their characteristic sweet harmonies.

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Meanwhile, from this day’s showcase, JYJ will be going to Bangkok, Hong Kong etc. and even to the Americas, holding their worldwide performance in 6 countries; a total of 9 cities, and will meet with their fans from all over the world. Part of the proceeds from the ticket sales will be passed to World Vision to help the impoverished children and to try to diminish such world issues.

In JYJ’s first formal album, America’s famous Kanye West and Darkchild contributed too. This album includes “Empty”, “Be My Girl”, as well as 3 songs composed by JYJ (a total of 7 new songs) and also includes remixes of 3 of the songs.
Source: Star News
Translated by: christabel88@DBSKnights
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