Slow steady rise in SKKS ratings

skks sungkyunkwan dongbanger
Since its debut, the period drama starring Yoochun called Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal (SKKS) has been slowly but steadily rising in the ratings.

As the story unfolds, many people are finding it increasingly more interesting.  Possibly interfering with the potential ratings is the fact that two of the biggest dramas, Dong Yi and Giant, were both given extensions (more episode added), causing many people who watch those dramas to stick closer to the ones they’ve been watching for so long already.

Anway, here’s a list of the ratings  per episode:


Episode 01: AGB: 6.3% | TNS: 7.7%
Episode 02: AGB: 6.3% | TNS: 7.2%
Episode 03: AGB: 7.3% | TNS: 8.0%
Episode 04: AGB: 7.5% | TNS: 7.6%
Episode 05: AGB: 8.0% | TNS: 7.8%
Episode 06: AGB: 8.4% | TNS: 8.0%
Episode 07: AGB: 8.7% | TNS: 9.7%

What cannot be measured, though, is the amount of interest in the drama in other countries and online.  There are probably tens of thousands (possibly hundreds of thousands from various countries) who are anxiously awaiting any news, screenshots, clips and merchandise about the drama.

In addition, Yoochun’s acting received high praise from the staff involved.  As with fellow members Jaejoong and Yunho, Yoochun seems to learn nuances very quickly and his acting and understanding of the role he’s playing seems to improve just as fast.

But no matter what the ratings are, its clear the drama has a loyal following who is anticipating what is going to happen.

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