[TRANS] 101013 JYJ’s First Showcase: “We Finally Stood On Stage With Mics In Hand” + Q&A

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TVXQ members Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, who formed a male trio JYJ, finally stood in front of their Korean fans for the first time.

At 9PM on the 12th, JYJ held their 「JYJ Worldwide Showcase」 in Hwajeong Gymnasium, Korea University, Anam-dong, Seoul, and showed off their bright and confident images.

On that day, it was the first public exhibit of JYJ’s first worldwide album 「The Beginning」, which the trio had worked together with famous American producers Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins. During the LIVE, 4 songs from that album, as well as the OST song 「Chajatta」 from KBS2’s drama 「Sungkyunkwan Scandal」, were introduced. This album has attracted a lot of attention because it includes songs by each of the trio, composed from when they were teens. Through their powerful voices and refined choreography, one could catch a glimpse of the sincerity and effort the trio have put into this album.

Next, is a question and answer with JYJ:

— How do you feel, standing on the stage after such a long time?

JJ: Completely grateful. This is the first time we recorded an album in which the songs are all in English, so it might be unfamiliar, but as the fans are familiar with our voices, I hope they’ll listen to it well. As we spent a lot of time preparing for this album, I hope that the fans will enjoy it with all their hearts.

— This is JYJ’s first album. Are there any new feelings?

JS: The album and our music are our means of communication with the fans, so I worried a lot. Through our fans’ support, we were able to release the album without any problems, so I’m really happy.

— The producers involved in this album are very famous people.

YC: I’m really happy to have been able to work with such famous people that I’ve only heard about when I was living in the United States during my childhood. The recording also has special sentimental value because the recording studio that we used also had connections to Michael Jackson.

— In June, after the LIVE in Japan’s Tokyo Dome, Jaejoong cried as he came down the stage.

JJ: Before we did the performances at the Tokyo Dome, we also had a round of LIVES at Osaka. In Osaka, I started crying from the very first song. All the things that we couldn’t express in words were expressed through our expressions. After we sang the last song at the Tokyo Dome, the fans started shouting “Don’t cry”, and that was when the tears came. It wasn’t for the past nor the future; those tears were to express the sadness (I felt) for the present situation.

— Are there any idols among the Korean idols that have caught your eye?

YC: I’ve been really busy lately so I haven’t really been watching TV. Although I’ve only heard their song and not seen them on TV, it seems like Miss A surpasses (the rest) in terms of ability.

— Your resolution henceforth.

YC: We were able to hold mics and stand on stage, as well as meet our fans again. From now on when we release a second album, or when we release albums in future, I hope that people will have the thought of always wanting to listen to our songs. I’m really happy that I’ve been so busy during this period of time. I would be happy if it’s the same in future.

Source: [JoongAng Ilbo]
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