SungKyunKwan Scandal on KBS World ?

skks001 sungkyunkwan dongbanger
Those who have DISH satellite service, don’t forget to watch SungKyunKwan on KBSWorld!  The other day I saw an advertisement for SungKyunKwan Scandal! My first response was ‘*gasp!* Yoocheon-ah!” Seriously.

According to the advertisement, the first episode is scheduled to be shown on Oct 18 at 9:50PM ET / 8:50PM on KBSWorld (DISH channel 9850).  KBSWorld is offered on DISH’s America’s Top 100 package and above.  So please watch it so we can all show support for the show as well.

Has anyone been able to confirm when the drama will air, or if it has already started to air on KBSWorld yet? I must see it on my television screen.  Watching it on tv is like casting an unofficial vote that you like it.

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