Nekkid Jaejoong? WIll Youngwood show his assets in AnAn Japan magazine?

Okay. I literally burst out laughing when the rumor / news about the rocker-in-disguise Jaejoong (Jejung) possibly posing for AnAn magazine. I had to look up what AnAn magazine was to get a sense if what being in the magazine means in Japan. I had no idea until people on another forum started to talk about AnAn’s content.

After looking at some of a raunchier AnAn pictures of other stars, I immediately remembered a kind of naughty dream I had about Jaejoong (and Junsu) months ago.

I keep a special noteboook by the bed and I normally write my dreams down the minute I get up if I’m not too groggy. This dream was dated Friday November 27, 2009 7:50am (this being the morning after the night of the dream).
I’m going to type what I wrote in my dream notebook:

I had a dream that a few members of TVXQ were in some racy photoshoots [sic] for an upcoming movie.  When I say racy, I mean naked.  I don’t know what for but they were posing with female models an you couldn’t see everything. The only 2 I remember was [sic] Jaejoong and Junsu. Wow.  That should express it all.

They were absolutely gorgeous. Gorgeous! Jaejoong was posed over the model in a bed.  The bed was up against a wall. And one hand was pressed against the wall and the other was holding him up above the female model with the shadow beginning just where his precious parts start (HAHA!)

Junsu was standing still and straight like a statue; a gorgeous statue-like posture that he’s so good at doing ironically. He was nude, but you couldn’t see anything.

It still makes me chuckle when I think about it. Both Jaejoong and Junsu were absolutely too gorgeous in my dream. I wonder if Junsu would be interested in being in the mag if it turns out that Jaejoong will pose for it?

What’s troubling is that some fans are already spazzing unnecessarily when he probably hasn’t even taken 1 photograph yet. Jaejoong is a grown man and he can pose in any magazine he wants to. I repeat: Jaejoong is a GROWN MAN. A grown, sexy man too. Sexy enough to have this noona dreaming about him out of the blue.

He isn’t posing for Playgirl. He isn’t shooting a porn flick. He may not even be posing for AnAn. Has it been completely confirmed yet? Anyway…

I think I’m going to go back through my notebooks and post my TVXQ-related dreams up in here just to get them on the record. Cool

*’Youngwood’ is my nickname for him. Tongue out

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