Fan Report: 101017 – JYJ Showcase in Singapore

[TRANS] 101017 FANACCOUNT – JYJ Showcase in Singapore

T/N: This fanaccount is Jaejoong biased.
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The showcase tonight was awesome!!! A total of 6 songs had been performed – Empty, Be The One, Be My Girl, Chajatta, Ayyy girl and Empty remix.

They wore in white outfits when performing the opening song – Empty. Jaejoong’s upper body was only covered by a white blazer with nothing underneath. I couldn’t really tell what kind of fashion style Junsu’s outfit was, it exposed half of his back. Yoochun was the furthest one from me so I forgot what he wore.

When performing the last song, Yoochun asked us to stand up. Everyone went high singing along with them. When the event was over, Yoochun told us that he was suprised to see so many fans, and if there is a chance, maybe can hold a concert here next year. The whole venue erupted in deafening squeals.

Lastly, Yoochun shouted ‘always keep the faith’. The fans were screaming loudly again. This time we also formed a green coloured ‘W’ as a form of support. But my eyes only fixed on them, so I didn’t see it.

Initially I bought a C category ticket which is a tiered seat. I didn’t manage to snatch a VIP ticket so I don’t want to spend money buying an A category ticket. However the organiser is avaricious and additional AA seats were added on both sides of the stage. So my friend and I paid the shortage amount and changed to AA cat ticket. I was sitting on the left side of the stage. The first row was just 3 meters away from the stage. I was in third row. The disadvantage was I got lesser chance to see straight in their faces, but the good thing was I managed to get a glimpse of the backstage. When the host was still talking, three of them were already standing by behind the stage. I ignored the host completely since I focused on Jaejoong. When the showcase ended, I rushed to the area which is nearest to backstage just to see them.

When Jaejoong was singing Ayyy Girl, he danced while facing towards us, he was doing the same too in the first song. Maybe he noticed that there were many JJ biased fans in this area since our screaming was ear-splitting. Haha… I can guarantee that Jaejoong saw me and we exchanged glances! I was on cloud nine… really…there were bubbles of happiness bubbling in my heart. I can’t guarantee that Yoochun saw me, but I think he did. When performing the last song, Jaejoong was standing on the right side of the stage almost throughout the entire song, so it was Yoochun who faced towards us. His collar bones were exposed, genuine sexiness! Haha… Junsu mostly moved in the middle of the stage throughout the whole event.

During the interaction with fans, the host requested the members to demonstrate dance steps. Yoochun and Jaejoong unanimously said: Junsu! Haha~ So Junsu ended up with twisting his body in front of everyone. The suprised look on the translator’s face that captured on the big screen was very funny. Speaking about the translator, either he was too nervous or his Korean is not that fluent, his accent is weird. Yoochun laughed boldly at him. Haha~ In the end Yoochun just translated directly what the host said in English to Junsu and Jaejoong.

Jaejoong seemed depressed this time. I feel sad for him. During the interaction session, very often he passed his opportunity to speak to the other two, while himself remained in silence. The host later asked a question on behalf of a fan – their ideal type of girls. Junsu said he likes extroverted girls. I forgot about Yoochun’s answers. Jaejoong kept silent for a long time… Then somebody shouted ‘Yunho’ from behind. My expression was frozen. Jaejoong in the end still answered that he likes girls with pretty hands. When the host asked him whether there’s any thing he wanted to add, Jaejoong kept shaking his head. But in the end he was forced out with one sentence: The most important thing is to love him. He smiled lesser this time, he smiled at most two or three times when he was dancing and during the interaction with fans.

There were 2 VCR shown. One is recorded when they were in America, the other one is about their pursuits and dreams. Junsu said he wants to sing on stage. Jaejoong said: ‘I know I can’t sing forever, so I try to do something else. Then if it is possible, I maybe go on like this.’ I forgot about what Yoochun said again, please don’t be angry at me for my heart was broken by Jaejoong’s words. My tears nearly fall down when I heard that. I was writing this fanaccount in my phone on my way back home, my eyes teared up every time I recall what he had said.

I went out at 8 o’clock this morning and only managed to reach home after 12 midnight. I took 2 photos in airport, then went to hotel to stalk on them in the afternoon. When I thought they were about to come out, they were already gone by using the other exit. The showcase began in the evening. Many things had happened but they were worth of it. I only feel distressed for them – Jaejoong in depressed mood, Yoochun becomes skinnier, and although Junsu is not as thin as those two, but undoubtly he is going through tough times.
(omitted. The author is talking about her initial plans to follow the boys and the reasons she has to cancel them.)

That’s all. Please forgive me for writing so much about Jaejoong because I am really JJ biased. But I have to state clearly that I love 5 of them, just Jaejoong a bit more.

Credits: TVXQBaidu + angelbody
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSKnights
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