This is my first time writing a fan account so pardon me for missing out points and maybe wrong sequence for I was too excited. Be warned this fan account will be Yoochun biased because I’m a Chunface biased XD so I was staring at him most of the time *SORRY*

We were supposed to go in at 6.30 but ended up going in at 8+ as the boys were still rehearsing at 7. The sound was so loud that I ould feel the door knob trembling while I was in the washroom. Finally we were seated and the showcase started at 9pm.

The boys appeared in WHITE outfits (OMG SO HANDSOME). Yoochun looks so much better in person than in pics(not being biased here really), Jae is handsome jus like how he looks in pics and Junsu is cute jus like how he looks in pics. JaeChun were wearing blazers and Junsu was wearing a sleeveless shirt which looks a lil like apron LoL but he’s body was rocking it.

They sang Empty, Be The One, Be My Girl then they went off the stage and started to play a video of them in LA. Later the host appeared and there were seats placed on the stage. We were asked to practice shouting Anyohaeseyo, Saranghaeyo JaeJoong YooChun Junsu and lastly to sing Ayyy Girl so that when they would come out, we could show them our appreciation.

The boys appeared in another outfit, Yoochun was wearing the bat sleeve shirt I think which looked similar and leather pants (man his legs are thin i feel so guilty of my own lol), Jae was wearing a leather jacket and jeans while Junsu was wearing white/blue? blouse and two tones pant. (Sorry if I cant rmb it clearly). The host invited another co host on the stage who was a Korean (an artiste under Quest) to act as a translator. He was being so nervous and Yoochun was being mischievous so he teased the guy and Jaesu were lost in space LOL. The host asked them to introduce themselves and Junsu started to introduced himself first in Korean, “I am Junsu, Nice to meet you all”, and the translator translated in English made Yoochun, the host and the fans laugh because we all understood it without being translated. Poor guy but he was cute for being nervous. Jae spoke in English, “Hi, how are you? Im JJ” *cue thunder screams from fans* LOL and Yoochun said ” Hi everyone, Im Micky”(sorry I cant rmb all details) and the host replied by saying “He is Minnie” lol then Yoochun turned and looked at him bewildered XD and the host apologised and said sorry for being cold lol

The host asked them what they were busy with lately and Yoochun mentioned about drama while Junsu mentioned about musical and Jae mentioned preparing for the showcase and supporting the two of them. Then he asked how did they feel to work with these famous producers and how they felt when they received the album finally. The host mentioned something about anyone crying when received the album and started asking who is the one who cries easily among them and fans all shouted Yoochun, my baby he pointed at himself n gave a “no-no, not me” look lol

The host asked them about their ideal types too and Junsu said no particular feature as long as the feeling is right and Jae with his standard answer as always->pretty hands which Junsu rebutted by saying its a lie(finally the translator is being helpful here lol). During the talk, the boys were so cute. They were like asking each other to answer instead of speaking themselves and Yoochun was laughing/smiling quite a couple of times with the host and translator, at some points he even just translated what the host said in English to the two of them hahaha.

Afterwards, we were asked to show them the stuffs we practiced earlier and EPIC FAIL lol when we shouted Anyohaeseyo, the boys did not hear it clearly and Yoochun was like ??? what was it? then we repeated and they understood, next was Saranghaeyo JAEJOONG YOOCHUN JUNSU and they could understand us this time as Yoochun repeated it by himself and lastly we were supposed to sing Ayy Girl to them but it was a failure lol and the host asked the 3 of them to sing with us and so we sang together. The host asked Junsu if we are doing fine and he answered “very good” in English and “wonderful” also (if my ears didnt fail me) so cute hahaha. Oh and Yoochun teased the fans, he said it is his first time in Singapore and Singapore girls are woah (not sure if i catch it correctly lol). Then they started to sing Chajatta and fans sang along with them at some parts of the song and Yoochun was such a tease, his shirt was loose and near the end of the song, his shirt slopped to one side and his left shoulder was exposed(KYAAAAAAA SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY)

Then they showed us a video again and next was Ayy Girl. I could see glimpse of chunnie tattoo as he was dancing lol
The last song was Empty again and Yoochun asked us to stand and jump along with them, I saw fanboys standing on chair and jumping, fanboys are loveeee. It ended with them waving bye and Yoochun shouted “Always keep the faith” before he left

Now my thoughts on the showcase: It was awesome though it was rather short like aroud 50 mins? but the boys were great, dancing and singing and seems like they like Singapore(I wish they have time to try our food)
Thank you for putting up with me till now lol

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