Choi Cheol-ho Assaulted a Woman, Will Leave Dong-yi Drama

Television star Choi Cheol-ho has come clean on assaulting a woman, which he had earlier denied, and announced Sunday that he will leave the cast of “Dong-yi.’’ The makers of the popular period drama have accepted his decision, they said on the MBC website.

The 40-year-old actor was under police investigation on charges of attacking an aspiring actress last Thursday at a drinking party. He denied the charges until footage from a surveillance camera confirmed his violent act the following day. Netizens vehemently criticized Choi for lying about the incident.

He has since admitted the offense and expressed regret during a press conference Sunday in a Seoul hotel. He also posted a message on the TV drama’s official website: “First of all I give my heartfelt apologies to `Dong-yi’ fans for the scandalous incident. The least I can do is to leave the cast as part of my punishment.’’

The makers of the series said they are respecting the actor’s decision and are in the process of editing the script. Choi will continue to appear in the drama for some time for a more natural departure.

Choi was drinking with actor Son Il-gwon and the aspiring actress, identified by her surname Kim, at a restaurant in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, around 2 a.m., Thursday. A quarrel broke out when Kim criticized his acting, resulting in physical violence.

“We were drinking while talking about acting, and I couldn’t control my emotions and made the mistake. Everything is my fault and I will accept any form of punishment,’’ he said. “I was afraid of losing everything after being plucked from such a long period of obscurity,’’ he explained his reasons for initially denying the assault. “It was foolish and cowardly, but I lied rashly without even thinking.’’

Choi rose to stardom last year through the hit TV soap “My Wife Is a Superwoman’’ and has appeared in “Still Marry Me.’’

Source: The Korea Times

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