Reports are circulating that Jaejoong (Jejung) looked “frail” upon his return to Korea when the trio (Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu) flew to America to work with producers Kanye West, Rodney Jerkins and to meet with Timbaland.

Its already been reported that the guys were really close to actor Park Yong Ha, who reportedly committed suicide after the trio was in U.S.

While the guys saw Park Yong Ha as a mentor, he was reportedly very close to Jaejoong and was one of the people the actor last spoke with before his death. There have been unnamed insider(s) giving comments about the guys’ reaction and how Jaejoong is dealing with the loss of a close friend.

Even Junsu’s 104 degree fever and hospital visit was attributed, in part, to the grief over losing Park Yong Ha, according to that unnamed source.

The unnamed source is reported to have said about Jaejoong, “It might take a while to get over the sorrow,” and “They were both Korean artists trying to establish themselves in Japan, and the situation made them close friends”.

Also according to this “insider”, Park Yong Ha showed concern for the terrible situation the trio found themselves in with their Korean Management company SM. This “insider” also said as reported via the translated news article:

…Even on the day before his suicide, Park Yong Ha made a long distance call to Jaejoong and invited Jaejoong to watch his Live performance, and made arrangements to meet up for a meal when Jaejoong returned.  What Jaejoong didn’t realize at that time was that it would be the last conversation between the two.

Contrary to previous reports, Jaejoong allegedly noticed that Park Yong Ha was a bit strange on the phone with him. More from the translated report:

People close to Jaejoong also revealed that he was shattered after hearing about Park Yong Ha’s demise, and said “I really cannot believe that he left us this way. But I was really worried for him recently,” saying that Park Yong Ha was indeed acting strangely.

During their last conversation, Park Yong Ha was especially high, and talked a lot more than usual. “Did you drink? Are you really okay?” were questions that Jaejoong had asked him during then.

Reports also indicate that the trio finally got a chance to pay their respects to the fallen actor on July 12 at the Memorial Hall in Gyeonggi-do. It was one of the first places they went to even after what was sure to be an exhausting trip from the U.S.

Allegedly according to bystanders, the three cried and said “Hyung, we’re really sorry we came so late.” They also prayed for his soul to find happiness in the next world.

Dongbanger.com cannot independently verify any of this information specifically related to what the unnamed source has attributed to Jaejoong or what he/she has claimed about Jaejoong’s allegedly “frail” condition.  It is also best to stay away from hateful, speculative reports/forums/people who talk $hit about the trio’s motivations for paying their respects to the deceased.

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