Shin Young’s Warm and Funny Encounter with Jaejoong at Airport

[TRANS] 100712 Shin Young’s Encounter With Warm Jejung At Airport

jaejoong dongbanger
Shin Young: TVXQ!
Shindong: You met?

Shin Young: On the way back to Korea. The plane back from Japan… At that time the surrounding was especially noisy, and the people who were passing by kept of saying “TVXQ… TVXQ”, so while I was thinking if someone was coming, Jaejoong rushed towards me saying “nuna~”, so I replied with “Oh~ yes, how have you been?” Just then, there were a couple of older women, who didn’t have any interest in me before, starting to take photos in my direction…

Shindong: Ah, they probably thought you guys had a special relationship

Shin Young: Yeah… Jaejoong asked “is nuna going on the same flight as me?” and I replied “Oh, yeah…” so Jaejoong replied “then nuna let’s go together~”

Male guest: Ah, so you and Jaejoong don’t have a kin-relationship?

Shin Young: Yeah, a type of relationship where we only know about each other… Jaejoong kept on saying “nuna, let’s go together,” so I could only go “oh… oh… together…” Then Jaejoong asked “is nuna in the business class?” “oh… oh…” “then let’s go together” I could only say “oh… oh… you can go first, nuna has something to do…” – because I was in the economy class…


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