[TRANS] 100712 Shin Young's Encounter With Warm Jejung At Airport

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Shin Young: TVXQ!
Shindong: You met?

Shin Young: On the way back to Korea. The plane back from Japan... At that time the surrounding was especially noisy, and the people who were passing by kept of saying "TVXQ... TVXQ", so while I was thinking if someone was coming, Jaejoong rushed towards me saying "nuna~", so I replied with "Oh~ yes, how have you been?" Just then, there were a couple of older women, who didn't have any interest in me before, starting to take photos in my direction...

Shindong: Ah, they probably thought you guys had a special relationship

Shin Young: Yeah... Jaejoong asked "is nuna going on the same flight as me?" and I replied "Oh, yeah..." so Jaejoong replied "then nuna let's go together~"

Television star Choi Cheol-ho has come clean on assaulting a woman, which he had earlier denied, and announced Sunday that he will leave the cast of ``Dong-yi.’’ The makers of the popular period drama have accepted his decision, they said on the MBC website.

The 40-year-old actor was under police investigation on charges of attacking an aspiring actress last Thursday at a drinking party. He denied the charges until footage from a surveillance camera confirmed his violent act the following day. Netizens vehemently criticized Choi for lying about the incident.

He has since admitted the offense and expressed regret during a press conference Sunday in a Seoul hotel. He also posted a message on the TV drama’s official website: ``First of all I give my heartfelt apologies to `Dong-yi’ fans for the scandalous incident. The least I can do is to leave the cast as part of my punishment.’’


Reports are circulating that Jaejoong (Jejung) looked "frail" upon his return to Korea when the trio (Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu) flew to America to work with producers Kanye West, Rodney Jerkins and to meet with Timbaland.

Its already been reported that the guys were really close to actor Park Yong Ha, who reportedly committed suicide after the trio was in U.S.

While the guys saw Park Yong Ha as a mentor, he was reportedly very close to Jaejoong and was one of the people the actor last spoke with before his death. There have been unnamed insider(s) giving comments about the guys' reaction and how Jaejoong is dealing with the loss of a close friend.

Even Junsu's 104 degree fever and hospital visit was attributed, in part, to the grief over losing Park Yong Ha, according to that unnamed source.

The unnamed source is reported to have said about Jaejoong, "It might take a while to get over the sorrow," and "They were both Korean artists trying to establish themselves in Japan, and the situation made them close friends".

Here’s a short new blip for you: According to translated reports, Jejung (Jaejoong) got the most […]