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Actor Park Yong-ha (33) Found Dead

June 30, 2010 0

This is the latest report:

TVXQ Member Hero Jaejoong hed tears to hear the sad news about Park Yong-ha.

Hero Jaejoong who is currently in the midst of recording in United States on the 30th has to hear the suicide news of his close friend Park Yong-ha and devoted himself in tears. Jaejoong said, “I really want to visit the room where Park Yong-ha coffin is placed now, what should I do. How could this happen to him.” he stopped as he’s burst in tears. “Yesterday (the 29th) we’re talking on the phone. We’re supposed to meet when I return to South Korea…”

A representative of Jaejoong said, “The relationship between Park Yong-ha and Jaejoong was more than just a close relationship. They tell each other everything. When Jaejoong heard about this sad news in America, he’s totally clueless and was bitter to know nothing about the incidence. The most heartbreaking thing is that he will have to stay in United States and won’t be able to at least visit Park Yong-ha coffin.”


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JYJ: Rumors about Manager Baek Dispelled?

June 22, 2010 0

jyj_011 3three voices

The trio from TVXQ, who recently formed a new unit, held a performance in Japan. This tour, with performances on the 5th and 6th at Kyocera Dome and on the 12th and 13th at Tokyo Dome, brought in a total of 200,000 audience members. The members could not contain their emotions and ended up shedding tears on stage. Sankei Sports stated, “During the performance, member YoungWoong Jaejoong said he wanted to keep singing in front of the fans and wailed. The other members would stop singing constantly to wipe away tears.”

And there was someone else amongst the cheering Japanese fans who cried with them. It was none other than Manager Baek, who is busy getting the trio and their return up and running. Mr. Baek, who was the former manager of Kwon Sang Woo, was involved in an exclusive contract problem between the celebrity and his agency which led to stress and a temporary leave from his work. He met the trio through someone he knew and has been working hard ever since to create the groundwork for the trio to stand upon and receive love from their fans once more.

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Interview: Jejung (Dr.) and Juri (Haru) for Television Magazine; Jejung likes taking care of people

June 21, 2010 0

jejung sunanare haru
Haru and Doctor,Ueno Juri and Jaejoong who played the couple role.
Looking back what left each others impression on their role?

JJ = Jaejoong
UJ = Ueno Juri

JJ: Haru was amazing. She is just amazing. So much that I can’t make it into words.

UJ: what!? Make it into words *laugh*

JJ: oh, okay *laughs* Haru is a strong woman…like, Doctor is a little immature so Haru was always leading him.

UJ: really? Haru seems like she’s bright and strong but she seems to be indecisive. But to Haru, it seems like Doctor made her positive. Doctor is honest, has a pure heart, playful, and would protect you.

JJ: *shy* I’m so happy to hear that! Doctor is a good guy. Me, myself is a good guy too, right? *laughs*