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Zepp Tokyo, June 18

Yesterday, June 18, I went to XIAH junsu’s live event at Zepp Tokyo

Outside of Zepp Tokyo, with the long queue for goodies (waiting time, approx 20 minutes)

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The goodies stand.
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Receipt, with painter Junsu’s picture.

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The live performance was full of Junsu’s charismatic charms~♪
The event was held for one hour, starting 16:00.

The program was:

* The MC appeared on stage (Takashi Makino of Tokyo Purin. He is a comedian belonging to avex)
* Junsu’s song “Kimiga Ireba”
* Junsu’s song “Kanashimino Yukue”
* Talk show: approx 20 minutes
* Intoxication (with 4 Toho dancers)

First of all, Makino appeared on stage, and explained that the number of winners for the lottery was 2400 people (over 70000 applicants). We fans were asked where we came from, and the answers were Hokkaido, Okinawa, Kobe, Vancouver…etc. Many came from far away places. Later, we also found that there were Korean Cassies in pink T shirts.

The two ballad songs “Kimiga Ireba” and “Kanashimino Yukue” were the opening songs. Junsu was wearing casual style black clothes, and he was looking very cool. It seemed that his assistant stylist “Park-kun” (Jaejoong) was doing a very good job!

The singing was…I wish I had enough English vocabulary to express in words. He was singing heartily, my soul was moved by his heartfelt singing. Since it was a rather small place, it seemed that we can hear his breathing during singing. It gave me the bumps, and I was in tears. Oh, this was the true charismatic Junsu!

During the talk time, this charisma changed to our cute Jun-chan.
Starting from here, my memories are not clear, so the order should not be correct, lol.

In the first part of the talk, there was a surprise message from Park-kun of Sunanare (Jaejoong), wearing a white polo shirt! It was a surprise for Junsu, too. He looked so surprised and also very happy. He was looking earnestly to the big screen at the back of the stage. Jaejoong said that he could not go to the event since he had the shooting for Sunanare, but he left a comment saying “Please support Junsu!” This was a message from an elder brother, I could feel the love between the members, it was very heartwarming.

The talk was mainly of Q&A which the staffs made, “Junsu, which even the fans do not know”. Junsu was always checking the screen, listening earnestly to the questions, and answered each questions with the best of intentions.

The Q&A were (sorry, not in order)

1) Who is your favorite soccer player?→ Messi

2) Where is your position in the soccer team→ Left wing
Here, Junsu, responding to the proposal of the MC, did a gesture as though he was really kicking a soccer ball. Of course, his pivoting foot was his right leg, he was kicking with all his might with his left leg. Kya~~~~~Jun-chan, you’re really cool!!

3) Where is your position in a baseball team?→ Pitcher. Here, he again showed us his southpaw. So cool~~~~~~~!

4) What was your favorite learnings?→ Gymnastics! He said that he had great reflexes, and fleet of foot.

5) If you were to go into a time capsule, which time of your life do you want to go back to?→ Just when I was born.

6) What will you say to that baby? → “Hello!”

7) If you were to meet Mozart, what will you say to him?→ “Hello!”
Here, again, responding to the MC, he sang the first hook-line of “Ich bin ich bin Musik”, in a cappella. Yes, it was the song he always sang at the curtain call of the musical “Mozart”. He was raising the last note, just as he had always done during his musical performance. My whole soul was again moved by his singing, it gave me the bumps, and I was in tears. This is the true charismatic Junsu! For me, this was the most impressive part of the event.

What do you want to be if you are born again? → I want to be the wind. I want to fly freely in the vault of heaven.

9) What are your pickup lines?→ “Shall we have a cup of coffee?”
Junsu really looked very shy during his answer, ever so cute! He is different from the other two members… that may be said by the MC, Junsu himself, or maybe it is just my imagination. He seems to be very naïve. Oh, Junsu, you are so cute!

10) If you were to win 300 million yen by lottery?→ Donate half, and save up the rest.

11) Being realistic, if you win 100,000 yen??→ I will go out for a party with the staff.

12) What do you want to first do if you become a woman?→(There was a call from the audience saying “look at your breasts”, and Junsu laughed out loud, bending backwards.) I want to go to hot springs with my friends.

13) What is the necessary characteristics to be Junsu’s manager?→ To be positive and cheerful.

14) What do you want to be when you become an old man?→ I want to continue singing on stage.

(There were many more, but I was to excited to remember all, lol.)

Jun-chan was always smiling, answering very politely to all the weird questions that the staff requested. I was falling in love with his gentle and honest personality. Each of the answers were so cute and funny, Junsu’s charms were switched on, full blast!

Here, Junsu went backstage to change his clothes. During the break, the lovely images of “3HREE VOICES” were shown on screen.

Junsu appeared on stage again with the 4 dancers. The last song, Intoxication was performed. The costume was the same as always, the black version.
To see Intoxication in live, in a small hall, was really exciting! I would not have looked enough of his sexy dancing, perfect vocal, and the complete formation dance with the dancers. There were cheers, screams, and squeals…of course, I was one of them!

Junsu was gasping for breath after singing Intoxication. Again, he was so sexy and manly!Junsu said in a content tone that he was very happy that he could sing in such a small hall, just near the fans. He looked so manly, and also, so cute.
This time, I was also able to feel his preparedness that he wanted to continue singing for his whole life.

Oh, XIAH junsu ~~~~ you really intoxicated me!

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