Jejung, Yuchun and Junsu Headed to America Update #2

Jejung (Jaejoong), Yuchun (Yoochun) and Junsu left for America to meet with people who could possibly be producers for their upcoming album release. There are fan accounts already of the guys in LA!

Fanaccount #1
Fanaccount #2


Video #2

Here are a few pics: (Jaejoong may be sick. poor Joongie)


Here’s video: {youtube}-O0CevusRqY{/youtube}

Fanaccounts are coming in. Read below:

[Fanaccount] 100626 ChunJaeSu at LA Airport part 2

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^Pic credit: rieggos@twitter, RT by dbsknights

I went at the airport at 9:30am and waited and waited… lol when I went there was 2 fans and us only.

When it past 12pm people came gradually and I was sitting waiting where I can see where they come out. I couldn’t see clearly because of the angle but the reflection of the rock showed someone with a white thing near that persons head and I was got my camera ready thinking it was them.

Then I saw JJ so I just screamed “jaejoong!” right away lol then everyone got ready and JJ and Junsu came out! Everyone ran to them and i was like where’s yoochun!?

But my mom gave a rose to JJ and he accepted! Junsu had a cap and mask on too.. But when everyone was going crazy I found yoochun coming out slowly (as if he were hiding) and no one knew it was him! So I was filming and I gave him my gift which he accepted. then people noticed and came too yoochun.

He was so skinny and smaller then excepted. he was saying “excuse me” and went through. YC was pushing baggage’s but before walking the cross street (jj and junsu already went) and then the staff came to take over the baggage and walked but he noticed he left his bag so he went back but he was holding my gift the whole time!

And as they were walking yoochun and jj was talking and junsu was in front walking. JJ seemed tired and he oh my, he had the most beautiful eyes. Junsu’s shirts tag was STILL out! Lol they walked to their car but took the stairs so no one can go up. So we ran to the elevator and I found their car so just ran there lol after they went in junsu(sitting in the front) took his mask off and smiled!

JJ was looking at the fans and YC was looking too but still has his sunglasses on. They left in their car ): and now it is 1:17 pm.

credit: Rieko@sharingyoochun


“chinky@DBSKnights: “yah and we got really close and all of us touched themXD”

Credits: chinky@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights




[FANACCOUNT] 100626 – JYJ in Los Angeles Airport

you guys dont know how completed and happy i feel right now…i just met the loves of my lives JYJ…this morning at 1 am i found out they were coming so i looked for any clues pointing out which flights they were on nd as luck would have it EUREKA i found it.

it was the 11:30 flight from asiana. this morning i woke up at 7:40 am crying and begging my mom to take me so she did(: when we got there it was around 9:50 and there wasnt that much fans there so we just stood at the entrance area and waited. we waited until 12 something when the boys FINALLY came out. i was so happy to see them so i was muffling my mouth and screaming ohmygod ohmygod and always keep the faith over and over again.

jae was weariing a black blazer with jeans, black shoes and a mask while su wore jeans..i forgot the shirt…a hat and a mask. as jae and su got closer to me they looked at me and started laughin probably thinking how crazy i looked :/ LOL they didnt have security with them this time so all the fans crowded around them but gave them some personal space.

i noticed today that jaejoong has really slow reaction hahaha when they were supposed to walk out jaesu were walking the wrong way so the guy told them to come this way and su went but jae kept on going. the man had to call his name again till he heard and he answered with his cute o? >

< i was staring at disbelief towards him because he had the most beautiful eyes and the palest skin i have EVER seen on a guy so i just kept staring. we got out to the front and i noticed chun was behind so i started walkin with chun. chun was wearing a white t shirt with board shorts and his signature black beanie with the aviators(:

we got to the part where we had to walk across the street and chun left his baggage for a sec then came back and got his LV bag then i guess his manager? pushed the cart for him. we were standing there waiting for the light to signal so we can walk and i noticed jae was swallowing harshly.

u kno the way u swallow when u get uncomfortable? yep..i felt bad so i backed off a lil bit but some sneaky ppl still touched him -___- while we were walking across the street i was walking right next to jae and i noticed him staring at MY BOOTS. lol this boy sure loves boots nd he got great taste(;

HAHAHAH jkay so anyways they had to go up the stairs and all of us were just down there taking pics and i screamed always keep the faith really loud and jae acknowledged it by nodding his head :D after they went up tons of girls crowded into the elevator but i ran up the stairs instead cuz it was faster and i got to the car they were supposed to ride in. it was a white bmw that my mom liked :P when they got in the car su took off his mask nd smiled at the fans :B

they backed out and when they were leaving i noticed jaechunsu were staring at me cuz i was wearing the same blazer as jae hahahhaha yup so herez my fan account and i really do wish they keep the faith :3

Credit: ChloeluvsDBSK@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights




[FANACCOUNT] JaeChunSu in LAX airport

So, I just found out that they’re coming at 2 in the morning and stayed up until 5 to figure out which flight they’re in (i was jumping around the house, screaming “THEY’RE COMIIIINGGGG!!” like some psycho -.-)
I got there at 10 and i only notice a group of 3 girls in the front with their camera out and a pair of girls in the corner (n i thought that was it. just 5 fans in LA. boy, was i wrong >.<)
They came in around 12:45-ish (right when i was gonna give up). I saw cameras flashing even before i see a strand of their hair XD I ran and all of the sudden, this whole wave of fans just started moving (from the waiting area). I didnt even know those people were waiting for them. Jae was in the front with the luggage; Junsu was right next to him and Yoochun was kind of behind. It was funny cuz EVERYONE was just going “jaejoong! jejung!” and being “mesmerized” by his presence that it wasnt until a little bit later when people started noticing the guy next to him was junsu. HEHEH jae was going my way when he came in (and i almost got run over by the luggage), which was apparently the wrong way and he did this “confused-blink-face”. He had a mask on but his eyes seemed like he’s saying “..huh?” IT WAS SO ADORABLE!!
Then they walked towards the parking lot. I was walking with yoochun cuz the other two was waay in the front. HE LOOKS WAAAAAAAAY BETTER IN PERSON!! he looked rly good, even my mom fell for him (and she got to touch his arm >:o) I wanted to say something to him but everytime i look at him, i go all “ehhh~ <3” IT WAS PATHETIC TT.TT
In the parkinglot, I took the elevator and followed them to the car. JaeChun were in the back and Su was up front. Chun kept his glasses on but he LOOKED at the fans. The other girls around me squealed out junsu!junsu! at some point..i didnt know why but apparently he took off his mask and smiled :D
I was gonna scream out “DBSK HWAITING!!!” but my speech abilities were reduced to “omgomgomgjaejoongomgyoochunomgomgjunsu” so yeah…that didnt happen.

After this, Im definitly keeping the faith. They’re too precious to let go. And each of them deserve to be on a stage (not a makeshift airport catwalk like what we’ve been getting lately)



VIDEO (closeup)


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