Village in Cambodia named after Junsu?; Let’s go to Xiah Junsu Village!

junsu003 Xiah Junsu Village

Wanna go to Xiah Junsu Village? All you have to do is hop on a plane to Cambodia!  I’m not kidding. A village in Cambodia has adopted the name Xiah Junsu Village after receiving help from Junsu and his fanclub who donated money to help the international organization called AdraKore.

AdraKore built houses for the poor and was able to help impoverished people because of donations because Junsu and his fanclub. Check out the latest news:

091204 Xiah Junsu Village In Cambodia Is Created

A village that has adopted TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu’s name in Cambodia has been created titled ‘Xiah Junsu Village’.

International organization AdraKore began building houses and improving living conditions for the poor in a village just an hour away from Phnom Penh.

This aid for the poor received a lot of help from TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu and his fanclub who donated money to the organization last year. The fanclub members decided to give a thoughtful present by collecting donations and giving a fraction of it to AdraKorea.

AdraKorea began building houses for the poor who lived in unstable conditions and improved living environments to protect children from unexpected natural or man-made disasters and the organization was able to do this thanks to Xiah Junsu and his fanclub.

30 houses were reconstructed. Most of these houses were worn down and were made of banana or palm leaves. The ceilings and walls had been slowly disintegrating so whenever it rained, families were sure to get wet. However, these houses have been changed into warm, safe havens.

Jin Hana, who is currently helping out with the project in Cambodia, said, “When it rained at night, families had to move around to find a place where the rain or the wind couldn’t get to, or they had to sleep leaning against the wall on an unstable bamboo floor. The children are now able to sleep safely and soundly.”

Volunteer Shin Sung Eun said, “The people here don’t know who TVXQ is, but they are very thankful that people far away in Korea have sent them donations of love,” and “People here call this village the ‘Xiah Junsu village.'”

Shin Won Seok, the secretary-general of Adra, stated, “We would like to thank Xiah Junsu and his fanclub for teaching us once more that giving helps people in need and makes the world a brighter place,” and “Their love helped those in need in the global community.”

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