Tokunaga Says He Would Fall in Love with Jaejoong If He Were a Girl


Hideaki Tokunaga has some hilarious and wonderful things to say about Tohoshinki. Tokunaga is the original singer of the song Rainy Blue, which Tohoshinki performed with him on stage at the FNS Music festival.

According to translated reports, Tokunaga was quite taken with Tohoshinki, especially Jaejoong.

“They worked hard to use Japanese to communicate with me, everyone of them is really handsome,” Tokunaga said.

Specifically of Jaejoong, Tokunaga said, “With that beauty looking at me…I don’t have such tastes, but…my heart sped up to the degree that I want to hug him. If I was a girl, there is no doubt I will fall for him.”

Ha! Sounds like Tokunaga has a little man-crush on Jaejoong. It’s not a bad thing, so Tokunaga fans, please don’t worry!  It’s nice to see Tohoshinki getting praised by some of the best and most popular artists in Japan.

Tokunaga went on to call all 5 members “really pleasant and lovely” people. He also likened them to “snowy crystals” because of their genuineness.

“They don’t have just beautiful features, their heart and actions are as pure as snow,” Tokunaga said.

Tokunaga is a very popular Japanese singer/songwriter and actor.

Source Material:
Mixi community
credit: HeyJJ
Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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