TVXQ: 6 Years of Music, Love and Perseverance

It’s been 6 years since Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ / Tohoshinki) officially debuted as a group of 5 humble, soft-spoken, fresh-faced young kids at the end of Dec in 2003.

My attention was attracted towards TVXQ much later than probably most of you reading this. Some of you remember when these sexy young men were still innocent young kids.

The hot, sexy Yunho still had a baby-face with an adorable snaggle-toothed smile that made you want to pinch his cheeks.  His difficult life helped to make him a strong-willed, confident performer who won’t lose to anybody in a dance battle.

Jaejoong was a deep young kid who — as legend tells it — taught himself how to sing. He says he was tone deaf, but by the time he auditioned to be a trainee, he was already on the road to opening up a diversity of musical styles he loves to sing now. He was so striking in appearance that even grown music executives were taken aback. Not to mention all the rest of us!

The multi-talented Junsu has been training since he was 12. His voice made almost everybody jealous; a voice which only became more alluring with his characteristic sexy raspiness. Even during his debut, the dichotomy between the exceedingly cute off-stage Junsu and the explosive on-stage Junsu could clearly be seen.

Yoochun’s cool, charm helped to add another level of sophistication to the group. He was thousands of miles away and having a tough time in America when he took a chance on following his dream. By the time he debuted he was well on his way to setting the fashion trends instead of following them.

And Changmin may have only been 15! He was shy and a tiny bit awkward, but always sweet-natured and astute beyond his years. Changmin would later find out how great his voice is for singing those extremely high rock notes.

These 5 men traveled a tough road full of insecurities and hardships, but always fought through them with their music, their laughter, their joys and their connection to each other.

Despite what we’ve later come to realize was the unfair treatment they have suffered under the hands of their management company, they still managed to smile for all of us for 6 years.

They have given up their privacy, given up their power to decide who/when to date, and given up sleep to pursue their dreams. They have fulfilled not only the requests good for their careers, but also every unreasonable command made to them by those who were in charge of their careers for these 6 years.

As time goes by, they have only increased in their popularity and continue to cement their place in music history by breaking records and representing their country in Japan, Thailang, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, etc., etc., etc.

So here’s to many, many more years of the Dong Bang-iness with their big hearts, great singing, hot songs, big eyes, big smiles, long legs, humble personalities, and great experiences!


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