Junsu – Xiahzart Performances Draws Massive Interest

Junsu xiahzart dongbanger.com

TVXQ’s Junsu is raising the profile of the musical “Mozart!” in Korea by taking on the lead role for a few performances in the new year. Every day of the performance where he will star has sold out completely.

The interest is so high that fans have even come up with the name Xiahzart! to describe the phenomenon.

Su-su (yes, I just called him Su-su) transforms completely into the main character in the photos below. He’s sexier than he normally is when he’s in front of a camera, isn’t he?

The site selling the tickets previously crashed because of the number of people online trying to purchase tickets for the days of Junsu’s performances.

Um Hong-hyun, a representative for Mozart!, said “We hope through Kim Junsu, the fans will learn more about the many number of works by Mozart and will also watch other actors’ performances so they’re getting to know more about what musical actually is”.

Junsu’s involvement could potentially open up an entirely new audience base to the musical.


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