6 Members of Super Junior Sue SM Ent? Will Someone at SM get Fired for This?

Super Junior
The storm clouds continue to gather over the management company SM Entertainment (SM) if recent news is accurate.  According to translated reports from Sina Entertainment News which are circulating on the internet, 5 more members of the popular group Super Junior have filed a lawsuit against SM for the termination of the Exclusivity part of their contracts.

Those members include: the leader, Lee Teuk as well as Yesung, Kangin, Eun Hyuk and Donghae. Along with Hangeng, that makes 6 of the 13 members who have chosen to fight for fair treatment.

The members’ move comes months after 3 members of TVXQ (Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu) filed suit against SM to terminate the Exclusivity clause in their contract. A court ruling concluded that SM had engaged in unfair practices and sided with the 3 members.

With members of the popular group Super Junior also raising questions about SM’s management, somebody (or persons) at SM may soon be out of a job.  Certainly the decisions SM have made in the way they bungled TVXQ’s situation is worthy of a major reassessment of who should be in charge of making such decisions.

The situation should have never gotten this far to begin with and none of these young people deserved to be treated like inanimate “products” either.  Common sense dictates that you should always take care of your artists because they are the reason why money comes pouring into any agency to begin with.

Speaking as a TVXQ fan, I wish all the best to the members of Super Junior on their journey for fair treatment and improved working conditions.

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Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net

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