SM Accuses Junsu of Taking Advance in order to Fund Lawsuit against them

TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu, who is currently in a dispute with his agency said through Sejong that the news report stating he “Received payment of 45 million Won in advance from SM Entertainment a month before the lawsuit” is “completely false.”

SME’s lawyer said at the first hearing today regarding the suspension of the exclusive contract request that, “Xiah Junsu (Kim Junsu)received 45 million Won in advanced payment on July 15th,” and “Seeing as this was done one month before the trial, it is hard to see it as an action that has nothing to do with the lawsuit.” Sejong’s side cuttingly replied to a reporter on the phone that, “That did not happen.”

He said, “If that did happen, it was probably to settle his account for his income taxes,” and “They are being ridiculous by making it seem like Xiah Junsu received that payment to prepare for this trial,” and could not control his anger at the rumor.

He also said, “Ever since they debuted in 2004, SME has been in charge of all tax payments such as the composite income tax regarding TVXQ’s income,” and “The composite income tax is settled depending on how much the group earns for the first half of each year and was given to the members to pay in the form of advanced payments.Xiah Junsu received this money from SME to deal with a problem in his income tax account.”

He also added, “If they reveal that the other members received advanced payment during the same time then this rumor can be taken care of,” and “Xiah Junsu has never taken advanced payment to pay for personal or legal reasons.”

SM Entertainment’s lawyer stated during the first hearing on the 21st that, “Kim Junsu received an advanced payment of 45 million Won.”

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