TVXQ Lawyer Angry over 45M False Rumor

TVXQ lawyer angry over false Junsu rumor dbsk009
The lawyer representing TVXQ is furious over what he says are false claims made by SM Entertainment (SM) that Junsu is using a 45 million won “advanced payment” from SM in relation to the lawsuit against SM.

According to translated reports, TVXQ’s attorney (Sejong) ‘could not control his anger at the rumor’.

Sejong said if SM gave Junsu an “advanced payment”, it was routinely done for all members so they can pay their share of income taxes.


“If that did happen, it was probably to settle his account for his income taxes… [SM] are being ridiculous by making it seem like Xiah Junsu received that payment to prepare for this trial.”

To explain, since their debut SM has been in charge of all tax payments for each member, TVXQ’s attorney said.  SM would give an advanced payment to each member to take care of income taxes. The money is not for TVXQ’s personal use nor has it ever been used for their personal use.

Sejong continued:

“The composite income tax is settled depending on how much the group earns for the first half of each year and was given to the members to pay in the form of advanced payments.  Xiah Junsu received this money from SME to deal with a problem in his income tax account.”

SM was in charge of making sure all tax matters are resolved for TVXQ since they debuted. Routinely, from reports, they give an “advanced payment” so the guys can pay their income taxes. Now they’re trying to make it look like Junsu took money from SM solely so he could sue them days later.

Sejong said Junsu never received any advanced payment from SM to fund the lawsuit against SM:

“Xiah Junsu has never taken advanced payment to pay for personal or legal reasons.”

Since SM reportedly also gives advance payments to the other members to take care of their income taxes, why did they choose not to reveal that fact? Possibly in order to put pressure on Junsu for whatever reason.

How can SM, in good conscience, turn around and attach a sinister meaning to their own standard practices? 

Ah, that’s right. This is SM we’re talking about. I’m not really surprised if they may be using any and everything to make the guys look greedy when it is SM who have had their hands in the pockets of these members since their debut.

SM keeps trying to make this dispute about CreBeau, the new cosmetics company making waves in China in which Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun are involved.

Apparently SM tried to bar the members from participating in the business by citing the Exclusivity clause in the contract.

The lawyer for TVXQ said, “The cosmetic company is not a big deal and entering the cosmetic business is the most common venture among celebrities.”

Reportedly, rules governing contracts terms between artists and their management companies changed to get rid of such rigid restrictions BEFORE the guys helped create CreaBeau.

This dispute speaks to a larger issue, though.  SM wants to be able to control anything and everything in which individual members are involved. The more control they have over the members, the more control they have over the money each member generates.

Meanwhile, SM claims they’ve lost 15 billion won (korean currency) since the dispute between itself and TVXQ. Boohoo!

For SM to whine about losing money now is ridiculous. SM only has itself to blame for every dime they’ve lost since news of the lawsuit broke. 

All 5 members of TVXQ tried to take care of disagreements in private weeks (possibly months) ago, but were ignored. 

SM’s priority should be to make sure their artists are well taken of so that situations like this don’t arise in the first place.  A little appeasement — including admitting there was problem and trying to come to a satisfactory conclusion with TVXQ — could have prevented this public fight.

The longer SM is stubborn about not making changes to the unfair terms of the contract, the more money the company will lose, and the angrier TVXQ’s fans will get.

If the Court has to step in and force SM to change the contract terms,  they could have to give up far more than they would have if they worked for an agreement with TVXQ in private.

TVXQ’s main goal, according to Sejong: “We hope this lawsuit will become a chance for TVXQ to have a free contract in which they are allowed to pursue any free and creative activities that they wish to partake in.”

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