J-Wave to DBSK: What Do You Like in a Woman?

Q: You’re all attractive to women, so.. what do you think is the beauty of Asian women?

Changmin: Recently, I feel attracted to the homely [sic; probably meant “homey”] woman. When I see a woman who cares his man and family, she becomes a parent, I think the woman looks very attractive.

Yunho: I feel attracted to a sweet/kind woman who notices even small things on her man.

Jejung: I feel attracted to a woman who has beautiful legs and hands. Are they long or thin.. I just can feel the aura of it (laughs)

Yoochun: I like the homely [sic; probably meant “homey”] women, too. My taste has been insulted by my mom and her good friends (laughs). Food is not everything but I’ll be happy if she work hard cooking just for me.

Junsu: Women are attractive when she has a beautiful smile. Everything will be healed just to see a beautiful smile from my woman.

Q. Being together even before breaking through in Japan, the bond between members, what do you think of it?

Changmin: When we first came to Japan, I didn’t understand much Japanese, thus I felt so lonely. But there were my members next to me and our unity reassured me. Our bond had been increasing much than when we’re still in Korea.

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