Jaejoong Atop Lovely Asian Stars List

Guess who’s on top of the ‘Asia 20 Forever Lovely Stars’ list? It’s TVXQ’s Jaejoong, or ‘Youngwood’  as I like to call him. (Yes, I know the correct name is Youngwoong).

That dollface has a magic face, meaning he can either be a super ‘pretty-boy’ or a masculine hot boy depending on what kind of image he wants to project at that time.

Also making it onto the list U-Know Yunho who came in at #9.

After Jaejoong, the poll participants liked Super Junior’s Donghae the the best.

Super Junior members were all over the list including bandmates Hyukjae (4th), Sungmin (7th), Leeteuk (11th), Kibum (12th), Heechul (18th), Siwon (19th), and Gyuhyun (20th).

Complete list:
1st: Jaejoong (TVXQ)
2nd: Donghae (Super Junior)
3rd: Sohee (Wonder Girls)
4th: Hyukjae (Super Junior)
5th: Lee TaeMin ( SHINee)
6: Tiffany (SNSD)
7: Sungmin (Superjunior)
8: GD & Top (Big Bang)
9: Yunho (TVXQ)
10: BoA
11: Leeteuk (Super Junior)
12: Kibum (Super Junior)
13: Sunmi (Wonder Girls)
14: Taeyeon (SNSD)
15: Dana (The Grace)
16: Yoon-A (SNSD)
17: Hongki (F.T.Island)
18: Heechul (Super Junior)
19: Siwon (Super Junior)
20: Gyuhyun (Super Junior)

Source: Seoul Best Of The Best@Myeongdong + AMEISE@loveusj.com + _key_@siamzone + kiz-ms3.29@gg-th + shineeTH
Credit: shineee.net + tvxqfever.blogspot.com
Translation: kika

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