The first Tohoshinki’s album out of four albums since their Japan debut, The Secret Code, becomes two top at ORICON chart. Tohoshinki finally established a real presence in J-POP industry.

A new single whose one of the song is taken from the album, “Share The World / We Are!” will be released.

This time Yahoo! In Music will have an interview with all 5 members. It’s such a successful first interview. All members showed their humorous and genuine personality.

“We have come to an increasing desire to be loved by more people (laughs)” – JEJUNG

■ Last year, all four singles released had a good achievement by spotting at 1st on chart.

Changmin: I am very happy.

Junsu: We’re also pleased (with the music).

Jejung: Thank you to our fans who support us!

All: Thank you!

Jejung: There are a lot of messages too sent to our radio show “You Want To Know?” (T/N: one of Bigeastation corner). We’re so happy to see how much our fans are pleased with us, and that’s one which encourages us more and more.

Yoochun: when our family called us to know about our condition, it’s so good to tell them that we’re doing just fine here.

Junsu: YATTA YATTA! (laughs)

■ Right now you got number 2 spot. But everyone knows that it’s a dream for everyone to get the first. Do you get a pressure to attain that or at least to keep what you’ve already gotten now?

Yunho: Honestly, of course I can’t lie that there is (the pressure). However, aside from rank or position, on the top of that, it’s already very nice to see there are an increasing number of people who listens to our songs. Furthermore, we still need to increase our skill in speaking (Japanese), ours now is not good enough. It’s not bad to have pressure as it will pushes us in a good sense.

■ At the end of last year, you’re invited to Kohaku, red team. How do you feel, concerning that it can be taken as an acceptance by circumtances in Japan??

Junsu: Just like it’s already said before, this is not just our effort. We have supporting staffs and also fans who keep cheering for us. Therefore, while embracing a sense of gratitude to the people around us more than ever, we’re also trying to grow more.

■ I can see there is endless ambition.

Yunho: Yes! I would like to try more things!

■ By the fact that circumstance already changes to you, has your impression to Japan change in comparison with your visit to Japan at the beginning?

Jejung: We have come to an increasing desire to be loved by more people (laughs)

Changmin: That’s the change of heart of Jejung (laughs).

Jejung: Oh, so it is (laughs)

■ も、自分たちを愛してもらうには、みんなも聴いてくれるファンの人たちを愛さないとね
一方的に与えてもらうばかりなのはフェアじゃないと思うし。 (sorry still not getting this part)

With, you have by your, unless the people of the fan which also everyone hears are loved don’t you think?. Unilaterally it makes give as for keeps you think that fair it is not, and.

Jejung: We always sing with all of our heart. So, we believe that our fans can also feel the same way (laughs).


If you want an adventure, please just come to my house…” (JUNSU)

Yunho: the 3 previous albums being compared with The Secret Code, I think I can get the difference. The Secret Code, as it’s expressed from the title, has a deeper thought of Tohoshinki, a stronger ties with fans, this album is to be enjoyed by everyone.

Junsu: When we just finished the album, I can feel the stonger sense of Tohoshinki.

Yunho: If in our previous T album we had challenged to different genres of music, in The Secret Code, we expand the challenge to not only different genres, but also the depth of each element in each genre we pursue. From the lyrics and also music, I think people can see that from T, we already become a different adults.

Yunho: The new single, “Share The World/We Are!” is a theme song for our favorite anime, “ONE PIECE”.It shows different colors and concepts of Tohoshinki. When we finished the song, I feel a fun and breezy feeling, the song is so close to our generation.

■ After heard the song, it makes you smile unconciously. All of your voices are shinning with each own character. I can feel the new Tohoshinki.

Yunho: 』はこの間イベンで披露したんですけど、そのときにみんなでこぶしをあげて「ウィーアー!」ってやってくれてすごくうれしかったですね。

Jaejoong: In the music video making, we have challenge with action wire. It’s nice to enjoy the music while watching the video.

Changmin: The third track in the single is a ballad song that is also important, Asu Wa Kuru Kara. Asu Wa Kuru Kara was released when our listeners are not as many as now. As in connection with ONE PIECE, this song became ONE PIECE’s ending song in 2006. We strongly hope that many people listen again to this song! I feel love in this song.

■ Yes, it’s a famous magnificent ballad song. Alright, ONE PIECE has theme of adventure. If the members in this spring want to bury treasure map somewhere, which place will you choose?

Yunho: I would be Africa

Junsu: please just come to my house.

■ I’ll tell everyone to gather there, then

JUNSU: Oh, it will be difficult. I was just kidding (laughs).

Changmin: I’m going with forest. I want a quiet place to heal.

For me, the sea.

■ Tropical one?

Yoochun: No, Antarctica (laughs). I want to experience a real thrill, and to dare the cold.

Jejung: Me, Avex office. I think we definitely have something hidden in the big building.

Yoochun: Yes, the president’s office especially (laughs).

Yunho: Don’t tell us. Do not underestimate the great treasure that might be hidden there (laughs)

Junsu: Safe!

Jejung: Also, the staffs’ desks (laughs). Sounds like there will be a lot of things revealed.

source: yahoo!music
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress



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