Hilarious CD Data Int: Jaejoong and Yoochun

Jejung = Jaejoong = JJ
Yuchun = Yoochun = YC

Jaejoong and Yoochun jaechun02
Q. It’s already been a month since the Tokyo Dome concert is over. Time has flown by really quickly.
Yoochun: It’s really fast, it gave me a surprise. However, I was really happy during the Tokyo Dome concert, so the memories are still very fresh. When the red lights filled the audience seats, it was really beautiful, really moving.

JaeJoong: “It’s huge”. The impression that the red pen lights left on us was really deep, and all our nervousness vanished. We really felt their warm feelings. So, we could only work harder. That was the only way to get rid of the nervousness before the live performance. At that point, it was really important to look inwards, into our hearts. At that time, it was really because everyone was so near, and we were not alone, so the atmosphere became really heartwarming.

Q. That’s really cool. During the encore the audience gave you a surprise, right? The red lights in the venue changed into white lights in a blink of the eye, wasn’t that so?
YC: Blue, blue, blue. It wasn’t white, it was blue.

Q. Ah, so it was blue, it was blue (laugh).
JJ: Recently your short term memory has become quite serious (laugh).

Q. There you go making cheeky jokes again (laugh). So you really didn’t know about the surprise beforehand?
JJ: Yes, we really didn’t know at all. So we were really surprised. It was really beautiful. Although that surprise left a deep impression, but what left a deeper impact in our hearts was when we sang “Love in the ice” for the second encore. We sang this song last year, maybe everyone didn’t expect us to sing it this year as well. As we sang, we went around the arena and we saw many people crying. I was also affected by the sight of them crying from their hearts. This song was really written really well… That’s what I thought at that moment.

YC: As I looked at the faces of those who cried, I really thanked them from the bottom of my heart. As we were singing, I said “Thank you” many times. I really sobered up at that time. Which song moved you?

Q. ‘Bolero’. I was moved by your undeniable singing prowess. Unconsciously, my tears welled up.
JJ: Which part did you like?

Q. I like the dance songs that gets the blood pumping, “Purple Line” and “Mirotic”. If I could be greedy, I would have liked to hear “Rising Sun”.
YC: We almost died! (laugh)

JJ: Hahaha. Yuchun-ah, is really interesting now, it’s amazing. But it was really like that, it was hellish! The live performance at that part was the most physically taxing, if we performed “Rising Sun” live, (we would have) really died!

YC: But the climax at that point would have allowed everyone to see the cool Tohoshinki, so I wish I could sing for everyone too.

Q. At the Tokyo Dome, Junsu had also fully recovered, so there really was a different charm.
JJ: Yes. We wanted to bring Tohoshinki’s perfect live stage to everyone.

YC: When Junsu’s foot got injured and he couldn’t dance, even when he was on-stage, it felt like he was very far away. It was really lonely.

JJ: It was really hard. For the 5 of us to be able to dance together, that is a source of strength for us.

Q. Thankfully, that was a first in Japan, right? What kind of songs were your solo songs?
JJ: The song I sung was specially composed for the Tokyo Dome, and it’s also the single that will be released this time, “COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~”. Junsu and Yunho performed their solos that they composed for the Mirotic tour. Changmin chose “WILD SOUL”, which was part of the TRICK series released in Japan.

Q. WILD~~ With the band playing, the performance had a lot of charm, so my impression of Changmin became very different. When I first heard this song, I thought it was a Korean song. It’s the first time I heard a song from the TRICK series during a live.
JJ: You didn’t know? Hai~ (sighs). It’s because you don’t love us enough! What’s the title of my song in the TRICK series?

Q. Eh? Mezo?
JJ: No! Maze!
YC: Hahaha. That’s right. And the other time you mixed up ‘Stand by U’ and ‘Tea for Two’ and it became ‘Tea for U’.
JJ: Yes. Really. Your English is weak right?
YC: But for Jejung to say this kind of thing, haven’t you forgotten the lyrics before too?
JJ: That’s true, but…

Q. So you’re just talking about other people now?
JJ: (laughs to try and get out of the situation)
YC: You know the title for our new single, right?

Q. Of course I know (laugh). Isn’t it ‘COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony~’?
YC: This time, it’s a 2A single, the other one is?

Q. What’s this~~ attacking me with questions like this (laugh). ‘Shelter’.
JJ: The meaning of ‘Shelter’ is?

Q. Isn’t it a refuge? It seems like I can’t make a mistake, so I’m so nervous when I talk.
YC: Do you have a refuge?

Q. Although I don’t, but I would just go to the toilet or bathroom to rest for awhile.
JJ: A toilet is a toilet and a bathroom is a bathroom.

Q. Okay, what about Jejung? (The interviewer pronounces his name wrongly)
JJ: Jejung? Who is Jejung? (He clutches his stomach and laughs until he tears). This is too much, to treat a proper name like this (laugh).
YC: Hahaha (explosive laughter). I can understand. It’s when you think that you won’t make a mistake that it becomes easier to make it. I don’t have a fixed place to rest. What about Jejung?
JJ: I do!
YC: Really? Really? Where?
JJ: If I say it, it will no longer be a refuge.
YC: Where, where? Where in the world is it? Where?

Q. It seems like he’s just saying it off the cuff (laugh).
YC: Where, where?
JJ: No? I can’t tell yo~u!
YC: Tell me! Where? (Goes closer to Jejung) I really want to know, tell me quick. Where, where? Where, oh, where? Next time, send me a text message and tell me! Send me a text message!

Q. This.. Let’s stop for a while. We still need to continue the interview. Whatever it is, Changmin’s song in the TRICK series?
JJ: During the Mirotic concert tour, Changmin sang a song that was meant for female keys, so he thought it would be more suitable to sing another song in Japan, and thus chose “WILD SOUL”.

Q. So, it’s like that. Then, the DVD for the concert will be released on the same day as the new single, right?
JJ: I’m really happy to be able to show everyone the happy faces of Tohoshinki. At the live arena in the Tokyo Dome, I was really very happy.
YC: Although Jejung really liked standing on the stage of the Tokyo Dome, during the last stop of the Arena Tour in Nagoya, he was so depressed.
JJ: Yes. I was really depressed. It felt like the tour was ending, and I felt regretful about that, so I cried at Nagoya.

Q. It was like that? My hometown is Nagoya, so I went to watch the performance at Nagoya, and that arena is a place I used to frequent when I was younger and it used to feel really huge, but as I watched the 5 of you perform and dance on-stage, I thought “This place is only this large?”
JJ: Really? Is that because Tohoshinki’s strength is too powerful?

Q. That’s what I thought.
JJ: I’m really happy. But it could be because you’ve grown up, so the feelings have changed, isn’t that so?

Q. Ah, is it because I’ve grown older? It seems like I’ve aged as the arena became smaller… I think I’ve just said something meaningless (laugh). Just now when Jejung was speaking fluently in Korean, because I haven’t heard it in a long time, I wasn’t used to it and I thought to myself “Jejung knows Korean too” (laugh).
JJ: Oh, you didn’t know? Surprisingly, my grasp of the Korean language is really good.

YC: Isn’t that a given! In the past, all the MCs at the different locations were the same, but this time, we could say different things at the different stages and also increased in impromptu performances, so I’m really happy that through the DVD we can show everyone the interesting talks. For those who live elsewhere and couldn’t attend, you’ll be happy if you watch this more often.

JJ: To us, the Tokyo Dome is the fulfillment of our goal, but it is also a new beginning. So, we hope that more people can see it through the form of a DVD.

Q. So, is it okay if I ask more questions about the new single “COLORS”? Under what kind of circumstances was the demo made this time?
JJ: In the beginning, it was when we were doing our latest album then, we wanted to include songs written by us, so that became the basis on which this song was written. At that time, the arrangement was done, but the melody was not written yet. Then, the concept for the entire album had been decided upon, so we thought it would be better not to include this song in it. During the Tokyo Dome, this song was completed, so we thought “Let’s just sing this!” It was like that.

YC: The lyrics were written by H.U.B. The lyrics for “Tea for Two” was also written by H.U.B. He’s a lyricist that I really respect. He is really great at putting down the emotions into words. This time, he also managed to portray our thoughts perfectly through the lyrics. He used the perfect lyrics to express how we feel about our love for the fans, and how we want to keeping singing for a greater love.

JJ: The tune gives off a bright and hopeful feeling, so it is compatible with heartwarming lyrics.

YC: I especially like the part that says “Even if its only for a second, I want to stop all the tears in the world and change them into smiles”.

JJ: I like that too. Isn’t one second too short? (He laughs for a bit) See? Just one second and it’s already passed. Isn’t it too short? If there’s only one second, it’s too much. That’s a little regrettable. (Jejung makes a mistake here).

YC: Hahaha, it’s not regrettable, but more like it makes you feel a little regretful? Right? You made a mistake with your Japanese.

–Hahaha. But when you’re in pain, just to smile for one second is very hard to accomplish, isn’t that so?
JJ: Is that so…? If that’s the case…
YC: Yeah, as we grow older, we learn to do this, but its really hard to smile when you’re in pain.
JJ: I see.. so this is a way of expressing feelings too… As expected, H.U.B is amazing. A genius! It’s so deep.

Q. It is indeed a profound one second. The highlight of the song is?
JJ: Personally, instead of listening out for parts of the song, if you can use your heart and feel it as you listen to the entire song, that’s enough.
YC: I like the beginning, the melody at the beginning is really beautiful.

Q. How did you designate the parts you sing?
YC: Those are decided by us. It came very naturally when we thought that Jejung should sing that part.

Q. So, shall we talk about the PV?
YC: It’s a story where 2 people give colour to a colourless street.

Q. Is “Shelter” a self-composed song as well?
JJ: That is arranged by me, and the melody was completed by Junsu and I. The lyrics were co-written by Yuchun and H.U.B.
YC: This is something that cannot be found in Tohoshinki’s songs, it’s a really fresh and cool song! It’s a song that can showcase Jejung’s multi-faceted musical ability. The tune is a little dark, but the lyrics are the opposite of that.
JJ: The contents are something like: Where there’s you, there’s me, and the world will be mine.

Q. It’s a little mature.
YC: As we grow older, the mature songs are becoming more suitable (laugh). The lyrics are about the love that exists in a relationship. The person whom I like doesn’t understand me, but I still like her – that kind of feeling.

JJ: This is the feeling that is common amongst men in love: I found you at the shelter and loved you, and didn’t feel afraid at all (laugh).

YC: It’s a dangerous feeling. Although this song does not have a PV, but Jejung and I wish we could make a PV for this song. Jejung has this thought that it would be cool if we could have a PV that is dark and a little scary. That’s something we really want to do now.

Q. I see. For the both of you, when do you write lyricse? Or, when does your inspiration appear?
YC: For lyrics, I still have to think back on my own experiences.
JJ: When I’m thinking of the song, and become more (emotionally) sensitive.

Q. Is that so? Like, for “Wasurenaide” Jejung was very emotional right? And for Yuchun’s “Kiss~”, Yuchun is really sensitive to other people, right?
JJ: That? A song can really reflect some things about a person. What follows “Kiss~”?
YC: Ah, you forgot that too? You’ve changed… (laugh). In the past… (tears)

Q. I know! It’s “Kiss the baby sky”.
YC: Well done! So, what kind of song is it?

Q. Eh? Do I have to sing it? We’re still doing stuff. I~ (sings)

YC: Ah, you sang really well.
JJ: Oh, that’s really impressive.

Q. You’ve picked up Japanese too well. (T/N: Cos they are teasing the journalist too much ^____^)
JJ: Hahaha. This is the first time that someone says its bad that we’ve picked up so much Japanese (laugh). Isn’t it a good thing? Its good for communication.

Q. Ah, it’s really tiring. So, next is the songs that you performed at Zepp Tokyo on the 20th of September.
YC: We did a segment at the stage supported by Sakazaki Konoseuke. There were Humiyassi, Miyaja, Kazu Cove and more. Usually, we perform at lives with the other members around, so this time around, it was really exciting. We were really close to the audience as well, it was a really pleasant live, this kind of atmosphere is great too. But because the situation is different from usual, and we were both not familiar enough with the songs we were going to perform, we weren’t even that nervous at the Tokyo Dome, but we were extremely nervous then!

JJ: Me too. “COLORS” is a song that you need to sing with a peaceful mind, but I was completely nervous then and kept worrying that we did not practice enough.

Q. Hahaha. You guys are always so modest, it’s really impressive. Also, you participated in mflo’s Tribute Album that was released on 16th September, right?
YC: Yes. We sang “Been So Long”.

Q. Why did you choose “Been So Long”?
YC: The staff asked us what we thought of this song, then we just chose it. This is mflo’s debut song, and somewhat different from what we usually do, so, isn’t it good? But, it was really difficult when we were recording it.

JJ: Tohoshinki has not done any song that has as many rap parts as this, and LISA (mflo’s female main vocal) parts have to be sung with female keys, so it was really hard. There were suggestions that it would be okay if we sang “L.O.T”, but “L.O.T” is very similar to Tohoshinki’s songs, so “Been So Long” was a fresh suggestion.

Q. I see. Also, on the 23rd of September, the CM song “Eternally Sweet”, sung by all 5 of you will be released.
JJ: It’s a really good song. You can hear it airing on television from the middle of September onwards, so please listen to it.
YC: Like the title states, it is a song full of sweetness, I think it is a song everyone will like so I’m really looking forward to it.

YC: Oh~ I’m so happy! I’ve not laughed so happily in a long time. But, is it really okay for today’s interview to be like this? (laugh)

Q. Eh? Didn’t we talk a lot?
YC: Was that even an interview? Eh~~ It felt like a relaxing conversation over a drink. Isn’t it a joke, a joke? (laugh).

JJ: Jenga was really interesting as well, we have to play this together again. Ah, not play, I meant an interview, my bad, my bad..

Laughing and joking as they walked out of the studio, the view of their backs seem to be more mature than they were one year ago.

When the main photoshoot was over, the sub-editor passed them the jenga and surprisingly, Jejung and Yuchun started playing with it.

Compared to Yuchun who picked up a piece of jenga, careful to maintain the balance, Jejung took the piece he wanted and said “No matter what, I think it will fall if I take this piece”, and after a moment, the jenga collapsed. Noisy Jejung.

YC: That was too fast!

Jejung opened his eyes wide in embarrassment and stared at Yuchun who was laughing loudly. Jejung concluded that he was not good at jenga, and started arranging the pieces on the ground, creating a domino. However, the jenga on Yuchun’s side fell over. Jejung acted like he was angry and looked over at Yuchun, and this time, he started stacking up the jenga to see how tall he could make them. Yuchun, who was mimicking Jejung, lost to Jejung this time. Yuchun saw that Jejung’s jenga pieces have been stacked up really high, and he sighed and started to fool around. Thanks to Yuchun, sounds came from Jejung’s jenga, and then it collapsed.

After a moment of silence, the two faced each other and burst out into hysterical laughter. In contrast to their maturity, these two have a lot of laughter. From the very beginning, these laughing faces without a trace of worry, have not changed at all. For them, who live every day overwhelmed by busyness, they possess the ability to find happiness in little things. The laughing faces that show no frustrations, and the way they work hard really brings happiness to everyone.

This is indeed a remarkable thing. For them, they really wish from the bottom of their hearts that their laughter and songs can bring more joy to people.

[“COLOR ~Melody and Harmony~” is a gift from their hearts.]

Endlessly loving, endlessly flying ahead.
They wish to convey their brimming hearts, if you believe in it…
Then thank you, and we’ll be thankful forever.

The shining heart is a gift that starts from you…
In their songs, is a wish.
They are not singing for themselves, but to help others come to a realization,
but their songs are also what the listeners are waiting for.

So, let’s thank them.
Encased in their song is the heart that talks of “eternal gratitude” and a wish to “keep singing” even if it’s only for a second, and this gives us unfathomable strength.

Just like how the red lights in front of them grew from 200 to 300,000 (the total count for their 4th Live Tour), to the extent that they have reached all ends of Asia, I wish from the bottom of my heart that this song will still all the tears and bring laughter to the world.

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