What’s In: Jaejoong Yoochun Comments to Each other

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JAEJOONG (Jejung):
While we were having group activities as TVXQ, Yuchun would always sleep late and wake up late. However, now that it’s the both of us, Yuchun actually wakes up earlier than me!

Today, Yuchun even came and wake me up! (Laughs) I was really frightened by Yuchun, the early sleeper and early riser!!

But why did Yuchun suddenly sleep and rise early? It’s an unsolvable mystery… I really hope that when we have group activities as TVXQ, Yuchun can sleep and rise early as well. (Laughs)

This time, yet again, I have gotten a very definite thought and that is: Yuchun’s rapping is awesome. I really want to compose a few songs where I can hear Yuchun rapping.

Ah, but, there are some things that have made me slightly angry. (Laughs)

While I am composing, Yuchun would just take the score to take a look and would usually have commands like: “Take this and change it to this kind of feeling~” Then, he would disappear from the room!

This kind of Yuchun looks like that boss, and I am just a new rookie who is working additional hours. (Laughs)


YOOCHUN (Yuchun):

Because we are still not used to having activities as a duet so to the both of us, it feels fresh but at the same time, an atmosphere beyond thoughts.

But every time I see Jejung while we’re doing interviews or just having shoots, I will surprisingly find that Jejung has never changed~ He’s still natural like before~ (Laughs)

Although we have not gone out to play together recently, be it in Korea or Japan, but previously, we went out to play before!

Actually, I even invited Jejung to go out and drink with me yesterday. Because there were only the two of us, I asked, “Should we go?” and Jejung answered, “Let’s go!”. Just like that, we swiftly agreed. (Laughs)

When I’m making music with Jejung, I’d always use the piano to compose songs and that’s why the style of my songs are slow, romantic songs.

Jejung, on the other hand, likes to use Midi to compose his songs and that’s why the music he creates has no limits and all his songs are of a large variety in style. He’s really good!

Therefore, I really look forward to continuing composing songs that contain the differences of the both of us.

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Trans: thesexy-orange @ tohosomnia.net

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