Chinese fans tells SM to Stop Harassing TVXQ in a New Ad

Chinese fans are not taking the latest controversy with SM laying down. Baidu BAR took out an ad on the front page of the Korean newspaper Gyunghyang on Dec 26 in which they blast SM Entertainment (SM) for harassing TVXQ.

One version of the translated ad say the fans demand that SM stop their hurtful actions and to let TVXQ sing without constraints. The Chinese fans also basically said they will wait forever until the 5 members are able to perform without SM’s interference.

Here’s the translation:

You are trying to cut the dreams the five have been creating for the past six years and you are hurting the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people who were happy because of the five of them. Stop your actions that are hurting the five. Let the five sing freely without constraints. The current storm will soon wither. We will forever protect them so they do not get hurt and we will forever wait

Here’s the ad:
TVXQ Chinese fans take out an Ad

‘Baidu Bar’ is in Baidu, China’s largest search engine/portal site.

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