New Tohoshinki song for NHK Drama; Japanese activities will expand

A new Tohoshinki song has been chosen as the main theme of a new drama!

Not letting any grass grow under their feet, the guys have a new song called “Break Out” which will be the featured song in a drama set to air starting January 2010.

The NHK drama is scheduled to begin Jan 7 2010, every Thursday, 8:00pm -8.43pm.

Meanwhile, Avex (their Japanese management company) wants to expand the Japanese activities of all five members. Tohoshinki have recently gotten massively popular in Japan, making them the most popular non-Japanese artists in the country.

Details of TVXQ’s Slave Contract are Revealed

Details of TVXQ’s slave contract have been revealed. Its stunningly ridiculous the amount of total control SM Entertainment (SM) has/had over these guys.

There are ludicrous clauses in their contract with SM such as the fact that they have to follow the word of their manager as if he’s God, any days that they miss without an approved reason will be added to the length of their contract, and anything that goes on “inside” cannot be revealed to those “outside”. The last one sounds especially sinister considering they were still technically children when they signed with SM.

In addition, according to the slave contract, SM is legally allowed to give songs produced by DBSK to other artists signed to SM apparently without DBSK’s approval.

Unless they are permanent members of a TV show, they don’t get paid for their appearances on that show at all according to the contract.