New Tohoshinki song for NHK Drama; Japanese activities will expand

A new Tohoshinki song has been chosen as the main theme of a new drama!

Not letting any grass grow under their feet, the guys have a new song called “Break Out” which will be the featured song in a drama set to air starting January 2010.

The NHK drama is scheduled to begin Jan 7 2010, every Thursday, 8:00pm -8.43pm.

Meanwhile, Avex (their Japanese management company) wants to expand the Japanese activities of all five members. Tohoshinki have recently gotten massively popular in Japan, making them the most popular non-Japanese artists in the country.

There is talk that a number of fan events have been scheduled around the country (Japan) in 2010. As their fight with SM (Korean management company) continues, Tohoshinki remains in incredibly high demand in both Korea and Japan.

Yunho is credited with increasing the revenue of EVISU thanks to his endorsement campaign, Changmin is preparing for an upcoming drama debut, Jaejoong and Yoochun just scored TVXQ’s 7th #1 song on Japan’s Oricon chart (Colors), while Junsu has been involved in opening up a Pho (Vietnamese) restaurant. Vietnamese fans’ hearts exploded with excitement and love when they heard this news.

Despite their fight for freedom with their Korean management company (SM), the five members of Tohoshinki are more desired than ever.

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