EVISU Revenue Rises with Yunho Endorsement

Yunho’s endorsement for EVISU is very good for the company’s bottom line! Check out the latest translated report:

Ever since the appointment of TVXQ leader U-Know Yunho as unique casual jeans EVISU advertising model for 2009 F/W season, the brand’s sale in Seoul as well as sale throughout the region has experienced a steady rise.

Each product ads that is using U-Know Yunho has been crowned as best sales item including U-Know Yunho “HOPE campaign t-shirt” and “U-KNOW t-shirt” which are the having the best response and large share in revenue.

In addition, starting from September to November, will be released sequentially “poster calendar” item revealing U-Know Yunho’s autumn to winter pictures which is going to be updated monthly. With various EVISU special look images of the energetic U-Know Yunho, another great response from fans to this product is expected.

This EVISU’s star marketing efforts has generated around 100 million monthly sales from EVISU stores all around the country.

source: okfashion.co.kr
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Congrats to Yunho!

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