Arbitration fails; Court Decision expected Sept

9:00AM: AKP is reporting the following: Another meeting will take place “around Sept 13” between JYJ’s side and SM’s side. 

The arbitration meeting on Aug 10 was 1h30m long where both sides expressed their views.  JYJ’s lawyer reportedly told Star News that the difference in opinion between JYJ’s side and SM’s side is too large for them to come to a mutual agreement.

JYJ’s side wants to “settle all the accounts and issues in court”, while SM wants to ‘forget the past’.

JYJ’s attorney says the Court is the one pushing for a “voluntary agreement or mediation until a decision has been made”.




8:18AM: Hello123 reports the following:

Korean report states that the arbitration has failed and the dispute will now return to the court’s decision in September.

SM has offered to “Forget the past” but JYJ remains firm in their stance.

Despite the many rumors circulating, the one true thing we know now is that a decision is coming in September.

Yes, there are rumors saying that the proceedings have just begun and that the parties have until a specified date in September to make an agreement. However, the media is now reporting that the arbitration has failed.





8:08AM: Fans are saying SM wanted JYJ to forget the past (ie everything SM did, etc), but JYJ’s side was having none of it. As posted below, a date to announce the final verdict (hopefully) will be set. Final judgement of the lawsuit will be out in September because SM-requested arbitration talks failed.


8:04AM: “Trans(cr.sarithegate): The meditation for SM-JYJ exclusive contract lawsuit was failed, and the final judgement for this lawsuit will be out in Sept. On 10th, in the afternoon, the last meditation carried out but broke down and move back to the court again. The court is to be anounce the final judgement after scheduling the date in the middle of Sept.”




7:59AM: According to what I can get off Twitter this early morning, the arbitration meeting between JYJ’s side and SM’s side that was held Aug10 (KST) failed.

If SM and JYJ don’t come to an agreement in arbitration, the Court will make the final decision.
(Admin opinion: Something tells me that SM is still acting like it did nothing wrong)



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