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My spirit is very high so I’ll say one more thing. This picture is really the last one. After this I’ll return to be the normal doragon0411. But it was very fun. I was happy. Thank you. However, as an old man in avex (a person with high authority), I’ll spill some information sometimes. It’s cold today so don’t catch a cold. Please take care of the 5 of them from now on too. Chiba Ryuuhei.


Uhm, thank you. The meeting has ended. It was not an important meeting, but it was a very heated one, so I’ll go to bed today. I’ll give you the last picture. Please support their dramas and lives from now on too. I only sent you these pictures because it was during a special time. Goodnight everyone.

Q: Why do you like “Doumini coopere Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou”? Do you have some memories like that?
A: Because when I look at a girl I’ll definitely fall in love.

Q: Which Tohoshinki’s song do you like the most?
A: Douu~mini coopere~~e Kimi wo

Q: Is it true that you are going to publish a book to disclose all the secrets? And the rumor that ChangMin is done with SM now… how true are they?
A: They’re all lies.

Q: Tamori-san touched JeJung, so I wonder if you have some skinship with JeJung too? (- -; )
A: When I drink with JeJung, I gaze at his eyes, touch his fingers, feel his breath and drink. He allows me to. 

Q: Boss, I wonder if this message reaches you. I will move forward and will not stop them. To move forward is something men would say. If it’s something that they decided on, then I’ll ride on the same boat with them. Although this boat is unstable, I will do everything so that they won’t sink until they get to their destination.
A: Thank you. I will be rowing the boat together with you.

Q: Until the day that the 5 of them come back together; you will, together the 3 members who are standing on stage and with us fans, be waiting for them right? Please protect them. I’ll be happy if you respond to me T T
A: Yes, I’ll do my best. Thank you.

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