Open letter to JYJ: To Jaejoong, To Yoochun, To Junsu


If you want to break, make sure every shard of you feels love floating like air all around you. You can crack and be repaired. You can break and be restored. But draw that air inside you, while your heart continues to heal. Just make sure you’re still breathing.

And keep breathing as you look at yourself. Everybody feels shame and sorrow just like everybody feels pure happiness in their lives. Remember, things can turn joyous just as quickly as they turn chaotic. Don’t think you’re alone.

Don’t feel sorry for those of us who support you. Feel sorry for those who try to stomp out your light. They are the ones who will need mercy as they crumble into pieces. If you want to see that, make sure you’re still breathing.

Push forward and turn every tear into a note. Turn every minute of sadness into a song to be heard. Build a life from that sorrow and water it with love and patience.

Sing like the wind is blowing through you and out to the rest of the world. You should know by now that there are millions of people who respect you; hundreds of thousands whom you don’t even know exist.

One day you’ll get to see their faces smiling at you even though they may only knowing how to say “saranghae” in your language. But to do that, you have to keep breathing.

Let the love of those who send it to you freely — and without expectations — be your crutch while you rid yourself of any detrimental behaviors.

Take every breath and use it to walk towards your future. One day, you’ll have a chance to tell your children about these feelings and to help them through their own pain; to fight for them… and to let them fight for you.

Those big, brilliant eyes which are yet to be born to you need you to push through your current pain. They need you so that they can come here to pass on their love. But you have to keep breathing.

There are people who think their job is to crush you; to break you into a million pieces. So why would you ever consider doing it to yourself? They will soon drown in their bitterness, but you have to outlast them.

I can’t explain it, but I wouldn’t have been drawn to people (people I don’t even know) who are so susceptible to such pressures. Your ancestors have survived far worse things. And they continued to live… that’s how you got here.

More importantly, you’re being watched not only by your critics or by terrible sasaengs. 4 other eyes are watching you closely though they pretend not to see. They may even pretend not to care. Those eyes are very important to you.

If one or two other people in this world ever started to think about jumping into a vast ocean, what will they think if they look out and see you drowning in sorrow? You think they’re going to depend on the lifeboat you once offered if they ever decided to jump?

No. You still have work to do. You still have steps to walk, and paths pave. The burden is heavy and it may be crushing. But you can’t find a way out unless you’re still breathing.

So be strong in your weakness, joyful in your sorrow, and have pride in your shame because that means you’re ALIVE. And there’s nothing wrong with that.




What sparked this?


Jaejoong’s latest tweets (translation):

I thought I was the strongest person, but I ended up crumbling in front of everyone. I’m ashamed of myself, and sorry towards the many people who support me.

In the time I took to reflect, I thought about many things. Even though they say you’re young because it hurts… I guess it’ll be good to have more painful times.
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