Making Life Beautiful

Four the members were sitting together at the dining table having their dinner happily. “Where’s Yunho?” Yoochun asked Jaejoong. “eerr….he’s in his room. Don’t know why but he has been there all day. May be he’s making himself prepared….” Jaejoong stopped himself from saying any further. “Preparing? Preparing himself for what? Is he going to […]

Best Friends

TVXQ get back together, and Changmin is left to struggle with his feelings. This story was written for my dear friend Mari-chan, whom I love to pieces and who inspires me to write many of my DBSK stories.  She asked me to write her a Jaemin story to the song Best Friend by Nishino Kana, […]

My Lovely Wife

“Are you leaving sir?” The secretary get up from behind her desk to help her boss put on his coat. “Yes. Take care. I’ll be seeing you tomorrow. Have a nice evening.” The handsome man smiled and made his way to the elevator. In the last four years his routine had been the same. He […]