Jaejoong to Play Gangster for upcoming drama Triangle

Jaejoong is currently shooting his new drama “Triangle” to be broadcast on MBC. Recently, photos from the set show the singer/songwriter wearing a leather jacket and looking differently than he appears when he’s on stage singing rock music.

The tough, street-smart Jaejoong will play the role of Heo Young Dal, a “gangster” and “third-rate bum” who lost his name to another sibling after losing their parents and being separated.

He also got to ride a motorcycle as part of his role in the series. This will be the first time Jaejoong is playing a role of a regular person “at the lower end of society” as reported by Taewon Entertainment.


Personally, Jaejoong has always seemed able to visually fit into each end of society… and every point in between. His visual diversity has always been on display.

One day, he’ll be idol-beautiful. The next day, he’ll look like the head of an illegal underground organization. LOL! The next day, he’ll look like a rock-God. AND the next time you see him, he’ll look like the eldest son of a 2nd-generation Chaebol.

With his role in Triangle, he will get to breathe life into the gangster Young Dal who grew up on the streets and away from his two brothers.

Young Dal is the 2nd brother. His oldest brother is a cop and his youngest brother grew up in the house of a rich family. Fans will hopefully get to see the depth of Young Dal, who seems to have gotten the short end of the stick.

Triangle is set to air on MBC once the run of the blockbuster Empress Ki is finished. The first episode is scheduled to air May 5 2014.

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