Jaejoong’s adorable side was on full display during the time he was recording the voiceovers for The Zoo Is Alive 2, a running documentary about animals.

In the behind the scenes footage, you can see what appears to be a makeup-less Jaejoong enjoying his time narrating and reacting to the videos.

According to translated reports, Jaejoong participated in the project because he loves animals.  He also mentioned his difficultly pronouncing the word “gorilla”. LOL!


I decided to participate in the project because I love animals. This is something that even our fans know, and I have a lot of animal-related things in my house because I love animals so much. I have real animals, as well as animal dolls. That’s why I really wanted to participate in this documentary,”  Jaejoong said.

Jaejoong has deep feelings about this issue and sees the potential of what zoos can be.  He wants them to evolve into a place that fosters “love and protection” instead of just being a place to look at wild animals.

He said, “What I felt while recording my narration was that zoos need to evolve from places where you ‘look at animals’ to places that foster love and protection for them. I will do my best to be one of the frontrunners of this movement.”

Let’s hope Jaejoong’s pronunciation of ‘gorilla’ has improved because of this experience. 🙂





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