Chat with Jaejoong on LINE March 11



Jaejoong will be on the first online global fan meeting through LINE, according to new reports from Naver.com

The event is scheduled for March 11 2013 between 8PM and 9PM Korean Standard Time.  South Korea is about 15 hours ahead of us.  To convert that, it’ll be about 6AM EST when the event starts (Daylight savings “Spring forward” time will have started in the US by then).

The live chat will give participants a chance to win an autographed CD and a LINE doll.
You’ll need to download Line and add JYJ onto your official LINE account.

New York (Eastern Time zone)


Illinois (Central Time zone)


California (Pacific Time zone)



SO what the heck is LINE? Line is a “a new communication app which allows you to make FREE voice calls and send FREE Emoji messages whenever and wherever you are…”

Its an app available both for Android and iPhone.


If you’re still stuck in the middle ages by choice or because you can’t afford all those expensive phones and plans, there’s still a way. Get it on your PC too!

Download it here: http://line.naver.jp/en/#


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