jyj inauguration dongbanger 2013

Unprofessional ‘Channel A’ Commentators Draw the Anger of JYJ Fans Update

jyj inauguration dongbanger 2013
Update #1

As if we needed more evidence that ‘doofus syndrome’ runs rampant in South Korea’s media and entertainment industry,  Channel A has come under criticism for their snide commentary during the airing of JYJ’s performance around the 2013 South Korean Presidential Inauguration.

JYJ was asked to be part of the special lineup of performers at a ceremony for Park Geun Hye.  Its a feat not accomplished by any of the lame candy KPOP groups out now… at least not any of the groups managed by the big Korean conglomerate entertainment agencies.

According to fans who watched the broadcast, one commentator referred to JYJ as “the group that fell out of TVXQ before”.  

If the translated reports are accurate, the asinine comments implied that JYJ was dropped by SM Entertainment or abandoned TVXQ.  The truth is JYJ sued and won their freedom from an agency which reportedly had totalitarian-like rule over Junsu’s, Yoochun’s and Jaejoong’s lives and their money. (Read SM Troubles News Section)

The distinction is important because many people who don’t keep up with the latest music or KPOP news were probably watching the event.  They would have no idea that what the commentators said was misleading.

One male commentator is reported to have made other snide comments claiming that JYJ’s performance looked “messy”/”sloppy” and compared it to “karaoke”.  It didn’t, of course.

Many observers were very displeased at the commentary saying things like “That went too far…” while fans are asking for a public apology from Channel A for being disrespectful.

At Twitter, @happymdkc posted “@channel_A The world worst media !!!!!!!!!!!”

@InHye87 wrote, “Channel A explanation is bullshit. We weren’t angry coz of that but other statements too. Apologise! For disrespect n lack of knowledge!”

@g18SinYan posted, “You don’t even apologize or show that you’re sorry after upsetting us.Channel A should consider firing Park Jong Jin,that ‘professional’ MC.”

@kawai_shim posted, “@channel_A IF the stage was messy blame the organizer, not the performer. And ur reporter interrupted n speaking while JYJ doing the [performance]”.

@Tsukipeiax5 wrote, “I’m right now sooo dissappointed in Channel A Q_Q! Why did they do that? As if JYJ need them, they are world-wide known without their help!”

@1o18TeeJayBudz wrote, “we want an APOLOGY from CHANNEL A not an explanation. . RESPECT JYJ!!!”

@CASSIOthea posted, “Channel A acting like they know everything about TVXQ and JYJ. Telling people that JYJ abandoned TVXQ. Pssshhh. Just shut the fck up.”

@suirens_ posted, “i’m so pissed off at channel a, the unprofessional anchors are too much…”

@Yoonhoshinki wrote, “Channel A stop trying to protect this unprofessionnal reporter. He was rude. And how about the ‘they’re the ones who abandonned TVXQ’ ?”

@yunhosan posted, “Nice try at explaining there but it did no help except to show how pathetic you are in covering up your reporters’ mistakes. @channel_a”

YoureSoFine96 at AKP commented “…That was so unprofessional and embarrassing to do on live broadcast…”

@JYJ_Honey was ticked off that they commentators talked through JYJ’s performance, posting: “Comment in channel A vid of JYJ:’shut up let me hear them’ exactly what I thought too.why show a music perf then talk through it?!”

@ShadowJaeJes was harsher, writing: “Poor Channel A… no money to employ professional reporters and got to use this 2 pieces of junk??”

@Pozlyfe posted, “…I stopped watching that channel a long time ago.”  


@fernanda838 posted, “@channel_A u’re totally RIDICULOUS I can’t believe that u said that kind of things 2 JYJ”

@cake4jyj posted, “@channel_A your reporters were so unprofessional. don’t fool us with your excuses. damn you!”

@rossiotv posted, “@channel_A STOP making up excuses and apologize to #JYJ”

And its been on and on like that since the event happened.  Generally, people thought the Channel A commentators were out of place with such snide commentary during such an important event.  

People and JYJ fans all over the world now know about this incident and its yet another negative impression that international fans have of South Korean media.




Update #1 Feb 26 2013 11:48AM EST:  CJeS Entertainment, the company working for and with JYJ, reportedly spoke to “My Daily” on Feb 26 (KST) about the situation.

CJeS suggested that an apology be made to JYJ fans instead of to JYJ.  From the translated reports:
“The basics of a news channel is to give commentary. Their job is to deliver the facts about the program and the guest stars to the viewers. It’s a shame that these basics were not kept at such a big national event. We believe that the apology should be made for the viewers rather than our agency or the JYJ fans”

Channel A tried to calm the controversy by telling “ONSEN” that the tv anchor Park Jong Jin  — one of the chuckleheads who made the unprofessional comments — didn’t really mean it.

Channel A said:
“Anchor Park Jong Jin did not mean to speak negatively about JYJ and he asks for forgiveness from all the JYJ fans…

Reporter Lee Hyun Soo only meant that JYJ is the group that separated from DBSK…

About the stage location and lights– since the event staff did not prepare a better stage and since people were coming and going because it was the beginning of the ceremony, the atmosphere was a bit rowdy. That was what they meant.”

Park Jong Jin (lastname, firstname) also appeared on television to directly apologize to both JYJ and the excited fans who tuned in to Channel A to watch JYJ only to hear snide remarks from the anchors talking over JYJ’s performance.

Park Jong Jin said:
“I ask for forgiveness from JYJ and all of the JYJ fans. I only said it seemed like a karaoke because the stage wasn’t good enough for their performance. I never had intentions to speak ill of JYJ. I officially apologize.”

And JYJ’s performance was highly anticipated because its so difficult to see JYJ on TV in South Korea.  Its difficult due to the rank cowardice of producers, owners, broadcasters, etc who are scared to put JYJ on their shows for fear of retaliation from the big Korean entertainment agencies.

JYJ is still fighting against an antiquated system prevalent in South Korea whereby artists/entertainers are signed to one big management agency which controls all of their management, their money, and their personal lives.  Its akin to the old Hollywood studio system which was long abolished in America.

Broadcasters are afraid to be seen supporting artists like JYJ who have spoken out against the shameful totalitarian treatment of the big entertainment companies. And thus, JYJ is treated with a fair amount of disrespect from those who agree with that old system.

Would Park Jong Jin and the Channel A commentators have ever dared to make snide remarks, talking all over a performance of 2TVXQ or any other big agency-backed performer?  Probably not.

Some fans don’t think Channel A apologized properly and tried to make excuses instead.

Stay tuned.

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