Jaejoong Kstyle Interview June 23 2013

Jaejoong did an interview with kstyle where he talked about his solo projects.  In the interview, he talks about the harmony between JYJ and pursuing different types of music.

He even mentions the reasoning behind his hot video “Mine” in which he plays a “fallen angel”.

The 27 (28 in Korea) year old artist says the character “depicts someone who is being suppressed by some external factors, and how this someone tries to resist the things or people that are trying to dictate his life.”


I think we all know where that feeling may have come from. Anyway, here’s the full translated interview courtesy of dongbangdata.net:

 Please tell us the highlights and what you hope fans will look forward to for your Asia Tour・Grand Finale, which will be held over 3 days from 24 June.
Jaejoong: I released my first solo album since debut, and have received a lot of love while on my Asia tour. During the Tokyo Dome performance, it was decided that the last finale be held in Japan. Because it’s the first time I am having a solo concert in japan since debut, I am feeling the pressure, but the anticipation is also as big. I want to present a good performance, and have a good time with everyone.

The set-list was released leading up to the fanmeeting this time. Were the Japanese songs in it chosen by Jaejoong yourself? Are there perhaps any special emotions behind your song choices?
Jaejoong: I personally chose them myself. But I did ask the people around me to give me their recommendations if there are any Japanese songs which they like. I think my criteria was quite clear, I wanted so sing songs that would bring back memories for many Japanese. I wanted to choose songs that everyone in the audience could sing along starting from the first verse. Despite me being a foreigner, and despite the fact that I sing songs in a foreign language, I’ve always received a lot of support and love. So I thought I wanted to repay that love, by sharing the same memories with my fans. That is why I chose songs that have been loved by many people since the past.

Ito Yuna’s “Precious”, Onitsuka Chihiro’s “Moonlight” and Ayaka’s “Crescent Moon” are all difficult songs for females. How was it like to actually since these songs? Could you share some of your thoughts or difficulties, or some things fans should listen out for?
Jaejoong: It’s difficult. Rather than being difficult because they are meant for female vocals, the songs themselves are not easy songs to sing. But after understanding the lyrics, and by thinking about the emotions the listener would experience when listening to this song, I thought that all I needed to do was to bring out those emotions in myself as well when I sang. The most important thing (to me) is, since it is a live performance, because it is a live stage, I want to bring even more happiness (to the audience).

Do you usually listen to songs by Japanese artistes, or sing them at Karaokes?
Jaejoong: Yes, I often sing them. One of the songs I often sing is “Saiai”, which Yoochun sang in Tokyo. (T/N: The Greatest Love by Fukuyama Masaharu)

Will there be any special events prepared for the finale this time?
Jaejoong: The first would be me singing 7 Japanese songs, that is the largest event. It is also the part that is the most important to me. And also, for the fanmeeting, I’ve had time so I’ve been able to prepare completely new things. It’s because I like talking to the Japanese fans and having little events. We are planning and enjoyable fanmeeting while taking this into consideration. Please look forward to it!

You had a solo tour around Asia this time, was it not lonely without the members?
Jaejoong: It’s lonely. While doing ments or games myself, when I am suddenly reminded that the members aren’t beside me, I somehow feel extremely lonely. And when I’m in the hotel, I also inadvertently want to meet them. This is why after the concerts, the staff gather in my room and they make a big scene.

Are there any differences doing live performances as part of your solo activities as compared to as JYJ? Could you share some of the things you actually felt or thoughts that run through your mind?
Jaejoong: There are differences, I think each has its own appeal. As JYJ, we can present our harmony and performance. i think that is the charm of being a group. On the other hand, when I am doing solo activities, I am able to showcase music that I like, and deeper emotions that I experience. I think that is the plus point. I think both have their own merits.

”Mine’s” concept was that of a “dark angel”. How did that idea come about?
Jaejoong: “Mine” depicts someone who is being suppressed by some external factors, and how this someone tries to resist the things or people that are trying to dictate his life. The charm of the album is its strong sounds, which represent this resistance. When we had a meeting with the director regarding the production o the music video, the director said with a straight face that this was really a very powerful song. You are exuding fierceness towards the other party, but the real reason for that is to protect what is yours, to protect your field. We wanted to portray both sides of these feelings.

Could you share specifically what are some of the things that you have gained through carrying out solo activities?

Jaejoong: The fields of music that I would like to pursue have broadened, and that makes me happy. I think one thing I have gained would be attempting new things. From that, I also felt a deeper sense of gratitude to my members for existing; While feeling lonely, and wanting to meet them. Also, I recently met my nephew, and for the first time since I became a singer, he said, “Uncle, the album is the best. All my friends around me say so too.” Because of that I also think that perhaps I may have gained more male fans.

Any words for all the fans who are looking forward to the Asia Tour・Grand Finale?
Yes. Everyone, I am already prepared, please also get ready to come and have fun at the performance. Come to the fanmeeting like you’re having a date with me, and I will present a performance for everyone that will soothe your hearts like a serenade. Please look forward to it!

[Question & Answer time with Jaejoong!]
Here are some questions from the editorial department, “Some things that have been on our minds”. Here’s our Q&A with the honest Jaejoong.

Q. The movie “Code Name Jackal” only recently began screening in Japan, but if you were to appear in your next project, would you choose to star in a pure romantic movie, or an action-packed movie?
Jaejoong: I really enjoyed working on a movie. It was really an amazing experience. I mentioned this in an interview in Korea as well, I would like to try taking on the role of a character that leads a wild life. Something more realistic. Other than that, I’d also like to try appearing in a production where there are heroes. Like hulk maybe (^^)

Q. Do you feel that you have rivals? If so, who?
Jaejoong: I don’t have rivals, I only have friends^^

Q. Given your tight schedule during the concerts, could you share how you’ve been managing your health?
Jaejoong: I run on the running machine (treadmill) every day without fail. Aside from that, I also like cycling outdoors.

Q. Jaejoong has beautiful skin! What’s the secret to maintaining good skin?
Jaejoong: Visit the dermatologist immediately once you have skin trouble. I also try to drink lots of water normally.

Q. The super-spicy dish that Jaejoong, who loves extremly spicy food, is hooked on recently is?
Jaejoong: I’ve been cutting down on spicy food recently, because I’ve been told that it’s not good for health.

Q. Jaejoong’s selfshots always become hot topic of discussion amongst fans when they are uploaded onto SNS sites. Do you have any tips for taking selfshots?
Jaejoong: Firstly, you need to use the best angle to take a selfshot. Other than that, I also think it is important to incorporate the story you want to tell through the photo well when uploading it to SNS sites. Photos with stories!

Q. What are some interesting places or good food that you’ve had while on promotions or tours or on private trips around Japan thus far?
Jaejoong: I had a lot of fun when I went on tour in Sapporo. I really like seafood, and the seafood there was really delicious. I like Winter, and I like the cold, so I really had fun when we had concerts in Sapporo!

Q. Are there any things you must definitely do or have fun doing whenever you are in Japan?
Jaejoong: Meet my friends in Japan, go and have ramen, drink beer Well, things like that basically. It’s also been a long time since I was last at the Yokohama Arena, so that makes me feel nostalgic as well.

Q. What’s your favourite Japanese word?
Jaejoong: It’s “Sorry”. It’s a polite word that can be used to express gratitude, and also used as an apology, or to mean “Excuse me”.

Q. Are there any particularly significant memories you’ve had with the fans?
Jaejoong: There are so many I could go on forever. There are so many I’m not sure where to start.

Q. Is there anything you would like to ask the Japanese fans?
Jaejoong: Everyone, are you having fun? Are you happy? Have you been eating well? Have you found a lover? Are you healthy? I’m the same as usual. And I am praying that everyone is doing well as usual too.

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