JYJ Fans Plan boycott of CGV theaters for canceling documentary


How many Korean and Japanese companies keep kicking away their luck?  I don’t know, but add CGV theaters and their “breach of contract” to that list.   

Despite the mounting evidence that ANYTHING JYJ related makes a gabillion-jillion dollars and garners more attention than any company would normally spend on advertising, CGV has seemingly chosen to pick a fight with JYJ’s loyal and still-growing fanbase.

There was a JYJ documentary film called “The Day” which was set to be shown in about 20 different CGV theaters Feb in Korea.  The event won’t happen  allegedly because of “contractual issues”.  

Fans are h.o.t. over the issue as some independent group outings were probably planned along with other events around the release.

A petition has already been set up in response to the cancellation urging fans to stop JYJ from being “ostracized”.  Other fans are outright organizing a “group boycott of all CGV theaters”.

The company backing JYJ, CJeS Entertainment, announced that CGV canceled the showing of the film, and CGV is claiming CJeS announced the deal before the contract was finalized.

According to translated reports, the head of CJeS said:

“Such illegal and nonsensical incident happens to JYJ two to three times a week. We’re not even sure if we can fight these big companies, but in order to prevent the 2nd or 3rd victim, we will continue to fight in this absurd and unfair environment.”

Previous reports break down the timeline of events, according to CJeS,  about the contract negotiations with CGV:

On December 2011, we had an initial agreement. Then on January 16 we had a second meeting. Then on January 19 a press release was sent out that reviews over the contract were finished. We received a contract with a seal on it, January 20. However, on January 20, we received a call from CGV that the final approval was not given and that the contract had to be done all over again.

With these types of incidences happening over and over again, CGV would have to be stupid… or they think the public is stupid… by claiming there wasn’t an agreement.  

The announcement of the documentary was done WAY before now and, from our understanding, CGV didn’t release any statements refuting the fact that JYJ’s doc would be shown in their theaters AT THE TIME CJeS made the initial announcement.

It stinks of somebody calling in a personal favor to get the JYJ doc pulled from theaters, to some observers.  

This is nothing new for the trio.  Other companies including avex and KBS have all stepped on the 3rd rail in their dealings (or lack thereof) with JYJ.   And both companies have suffered from it.

By contrast, companies like the ones that own Ottogi and TiO couldn’t keep their products on the shelves when Yoochun signed to be a pitchman.  

Jaejoong simply wearing a piece of jewelry, carrying a bag in an airport, or rockin’ silly pajamas can sell those items out within days even without a formal commercial deal.

And Junsu can break sales records by appearing in a musical and filling the theaters with young people who otherwise wouldn’t care at all to see a musical.

Their commercial power is quite evident.  However, CGV appears to have put personal problems/grudges/revenge/favors over the amount of money they certainly would have raked in had they stuck to their end of the deal.

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