Lotte Cinema to Show JYJ Documentary, Fans Excited


JYJ’s documentary ‘The Day’ will be shown in Lotte Cinema’s 17 locations starting Feb 23 2012.

One company’s incredible mistake is another company’s gain, as Lotte will not only show the doc but also plan to have an event with JYJ on opening day in Seoul.

Earlier, CGV seemingly punked out on a previous obligation to show the documentary in their theaters after agreeing to do so, according to CJeS (the company that manages JYJ).

After CGV claimed there wasn’t a final deal while CJeS  busted the company by giving a blowbyblow of what happened.

According to a translated report of CJeS’s statement:

On December 2011, we had an initial agreement. Then on January 16 we had a second meeting. Then on January 19 a press release was sent out that reviews over the contract were finished. We received a contract with a seal on it, January 20. However, on January 20, we received a call from CGV that the final approval was not given and that the contract had to be done all over again.

Fans were so miffed that some were planning a boycott of CGV.  However, the news that the doc will be shown have fans at Twitter totally ecstatic, needless to say.

Viet Ha Doan wrote “Thank you so much for airing JYJ’s The Day! Can’t wait to watch it!!!!”

non wrote “@LOTTE_CINEMA Thank you so much for allowing JYJ’s The Day to be shown in your theaters! This means a lot for JYJ and JYJ fans!!”

Rhoma Nuqui got right to the point: “Finally! there are still people who believes in JYJ and not being cowards to SME. i salute you LOTTE!”

Naima posted “So glad they’re finally going to show JYJ’s documentary in lotte theatres. #FreeJYJ”

“@LOTTE_CINEMA Thank you?We hope see movie JYJ??Thank you Lotte cinema?from Japan”, wrote honey-bee.

6002myc wrote “Lotte Cinema is trending in JP.You see how much JP JYJ fans are happy and thankful abt it.(^ ^) “

putrihs is looking out for international fans, posting “Thank You for making JYJ “The Day” appear.. :)) please make it for iFans too, not only in Korea.. *bow*…”

“You are awesome! Thanks for supporting JYJ!!! <33333”, Anne wrote.

In a translated statement Feb 14, CJeS says:

JYJ’s documentary, which couldn’t be shown due to CGV suddenly canceling the contract, will be screened by Lotte Cinema starting from February 23rd. The documentary was edited to be appealing to fans and will be filled with real stories and scenes from their daily lives.


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