Uncommitted Preordering, Cover and Tracklisting Released


Junsu’s new English project, “Uncommitted”, becomes available for preorder Aug 10 2012 and will be released August 23.

The “single album”, which may be better described in the States as a CD Single, will reportedly have 4 songs:
Uncommitted (English)
Tarantallegra (Asian version)
Uncommitted (Instr)
Tarantallegra (Asian, Instr). (1)

Junsu composed and arranged the song Tarantallegra, while the lyrics are by his fraternal twin brother Junho .  The video got over 2 Million hits on youtube in its first few days (video link).  

The arrangement for the song “Uncommitted” will have elements of traditional Korean instruments included.

Junsu worked with Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer, the composer of “Uncommitted”, in America last month.  He was impressed with Junsu’s vocal delivery. (Who isn’t?!)  

Vanderveer called the song an “uptempo R&B piece” dealing with the relationship between a man and a woman.

From a translated report:

Kim Junsu flew to America last month to work with Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer, the person who composed the track.  Vanderveer described the song as an up-tempo R&B piece about the peculiar psychology between a man and woman.

He also said:

“The lyrics brings out the wounded and longing for healing emotions of a man who appeals to his true love. However, the melody, in contrast, is sweet and mellow. Kim Junsu really sang it well.”


Junsu as well talked about the orchestral arrangement of the song, calling it mysterious and talking about the the feel of it.

Here’s what the translated report stated:

Kim Junsu added, “For the arrangement, the orchestra provided a sweeping yet mysterious sound and to this we highlighted an [Asian]-feel. In the chorus we inserted the beat from a kkwaenggwari (traditional Korean gong) and I added a Korean style singing ad-lib towards the end. With a wide range of cultures, a new kind of delight will be presented for fans all over the world.”

CJeS of course is proud of Junsu and is hoping for a positive response from the international fan community.  They said the song will show “a different side to him as a vocalist.”(2)

Look for a teaser of the video August 14 on Youtube.

Vanderveer has worked with artists like Christina Aguilera, Leona Lewis and The Wanted.



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