Royal Paragon Hall was packed with 4000 fans in Thailand who were lucky enough to get tix to see Junsu LIVE Sunday.

When Junsu arrived in Thailand, over 1000 fans showed up to see and welcome him to the country for the solo tour.

At a press conference before the show, Junsu said he intends to try many new things and to not get stuck on the “cookie-cutter mold of K-pop”.  Thank goodness somebody said it!  

The video for Tarantallegra has over 3.2 million hits at youtube.

Junsu’s new album, Tarantallegra, has been making a LOT of noise since its release.  

It shot to the top of various rankings around Asia and snatched the #1 spot on Japan’s iTunes beating out Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.

It also debuted at #10 on Billboard’s World Chart.




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