Junsu’s Tarantallegra vid gets over 1 million hits at Youtube UPDATE #2

junsu tarantallegra 

Junsu’s new video has been released and in less than 2 days, it has over 1 million views at Youtube.com!

As of May 16 12:28am ET, the number of hits was 1,329,601 via CJES’s youtube account. It also has over 35,000 likes.

Junsu takes on an androgynous, sexy persona in the video and draws much attention from both fans and new recruits (people who just got interested in JYJ).

(older screenshot)

It is also the #5 most popular video at all of youtube (as of May 16 2012, 12:28AM ET) where the count is now over 1.3 million hits:

junsu tarantallegra youtube popularlist05152012

At Twitter the posts are coming in fast. hrisio posted “Wow, Junsu’s video over million views in 24h! Just wanna say JYJ fans are one big army! #power”

0124Fazz posted “Its either you love it or hate it.there’s no other way! Me? I love.love.love it! TARANTALLEGRA!!! Junsu you are super daebak!”

“Junsu’s #TARANTALLEGRA is Number 1 on iTunes in Japan <3 via @JYJWorldWide, ” JYJUKFANDOM posted.

6004theSheena posted, “It’s not secret they luuuuurves Junsu…”

While niqmonster posted, “rewatching tarantallegra for the nth time. love junsu’s sharp moves..^^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&;v=UslqIyPZsic”

At Youtube a few video responses have been posted already.  One of them, by myladyzuzla (seemingly an international fan), is one of the more adorable responses I’ve seen. HAHA!

The Youtuber watches Junsu’s video for the first time on camera and…. just be ready to hear a lot of “Oh God” and “Oh Jesus”. ROTFL.  Her vid response has gotten almost 70,000 hits at youtube already.

Friezsnake, an obvious fanboy (lol!) called Junsu the male Lady Gaga in his vid response.  

He was so excited while watching the video, he may have mispoke, but he posted this in the video description of his response: “JUNSU he’s the Male Lady Gaga!!! Keep the faith! With all those outfits he’s my new bias.”

My fav quote from his video is: “…Damn I think I’m about to become bisexual after this video!” ROTFL! I have no idea if this is a parody vid, but its still hilarious!

Junsu certainly isn’t shy about expressing his creativity and for some people, they will either love the vid or hate it.  Some people may not like the androgynous nature of the video and take it out on Junsu’s song.  Screw them.

The video, in my opinion, was meant to attract all kinds of attention from everyone: the crushing fangirls all the way to the not-so-straight community. 😛  Either way, the interest is certainly through the roof right now.

Congrats to Junsu (Xia) for the new vid and the release of the album!


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