Junsu’s Tarantallegra Super Hot in Japan, Internationally

The new album by Junsu (Xia) is hot hot hot in Japan and other countries despite the way in which JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) have been temporarily blackballed from promoting their projects on TV and radio.

The singer/songwriter’s solo project, ‘Tarantallegra’,  quickly gained the #1 spot on Japan’s iTunes, above Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and other international artists. Industry members say the orders for the album are through the roof.  

Junsu’s artistic flare is on high display for Tarantallegra, both the album and the single.   The video for Tarantallegra has over 2.3 million hits on Youtube just a few days after release and showcases an androgynous, sexy aura.

Contributing to the epicness of the album and its visuals is the quintuple threat of Junsu’s talents: composing, producing, singing and dancing all wrapped up in a package which can go from cute, to androgynous, to sexy all in a split second.  

For Tarantallegra, Junsu wrote a number of songs on the album sometimes with an assist from his fraternal twin brother, Junho.  There’s something for almost everybody on the album.  And yes, there is even an awesome song on the album, titled “Lullaby”, in slow-jam-form.  Luv that one.

Fellow JYJ member Jaejoong also composed and produced a song, “No Gain”, which was selected for inclusion on the album.

Junsu will kick off a series of performances in Seoul, South Korea’s Jamsil Indoor Stadium May 19 and 20.  He is scheduled to perform in 7 other countries, according to translated reports.

Ironically, JYJ’s projects are always highly anticipated because of the temporary blackballing they have suffered from the Korean and Japanese entertainment media.  

Also ironic is the fact that JYJ members, including Junsu, have honed and refined their songwriting, producing, acting and directing skills because they’ve had to do everything on their own since they sued their former agency, SM entertainment.

A representative from CJeS, the agency representing JYJ, said:  
“We think that the reason for the high popularity received in Japan for Xia’s first album is due to Japanese general public who have been awaiting Kim Junsu’s music and performances.(3)

The CJeS rep also talked about the problem of members not being able to appear on TV:
“This is even more meaningful since we haven’t gone on any broadcasts or done any large-scale promotions. We anticipate interest and popularity in this album will grow as we embark on our overseas tour” (2)

Junsu’s new album is another example of the continued growth and development of the members of JYJ despite the industry trying (and failing) to blunt their rise.

Here’s the tracklist:
1. Sunset
Composition: Xia | Arrangement: Xia

2. Tarantallegra (Featuring: FLOWSIK of AZIATIX)
Composition: JUNO | Produced: Xia | Arrangement: Xia

3. Set Me Free (Featuring: Bizzy)
Composition: Xia, Fraktal | Produced: Xia, Fraktal | Arrangement: Fraktal

4. No Gain
Composition: Kim Jaejoong | Produced: Kim Jaejoong | Arrangement: Kwon Bin Ki

5. (I Don’t Like Love)
Composition: Jung Hye Sung | Produced: Jung Hye Sung | Arrangement: Jung Hye Sung

6. (Even though I turn around and around)
Composition: JUNO | Produced: Xia, Kim Sae Jin | Arrangement: Kim Sae Jin

7. Intoxication
Composition: Xia | Produced: Xia | Arrangement: Xia

8. Breath (Featuring: Double K)
Composition: Xia | Produced: Xia | Arrangement: Xia

9. (Even Though You Already Know)
Composition: Kim Sae Jin | Produced: Kim Sae Jin, PJ | Arrangement: PJ

10. Lullaby (Feat. Gaeko Of Dynamic Duo)
Composition: Xia, Fraktal | Produced: Xia | Arrangement: Fraktal

11. Fever
Composition: JUNO, Xia | Produced: Xeno, Jedi | Arrangement: Xeno

12. (The tree covered in dew)
Composition: Xia | Produced: Xia | Arrangement: Sung Jung Jin


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