Junsu Mexico Concert Report

[Trans in ENG] JYJ KIM JUNSU on Worldwide Tour, “OMG~ JUNSU” as many as 3500 Mexican Girls – tears and swoon”Cielito Lindo! (Beautiful sky, he is coming down)”

A whopping 3500 Mexican girls started singing Mexico’s traditional song “Cielito Lindo” at the Auditorio BlackBerry in Mexico City on Septemper 6 8:00 pm. It was to welcome Kim Junsu from JYJ, who was holding a solo concert in Mexico as the first korean singer.

Yoochun’s fanmeeting tour is a Reminder of JYJ’s International Appeal


Recently, Yoochun has attended fan events much to the delight of Chinese fans.  On Sep 8 2012, for exmaple, Yoochun was in Shenzhen as part of that fanmeeting tour.  But these meetings represent a deeper level of importance for JYJ.

Ironically, JYJ’s popularity has increased exponentially in international (non Korean) markets because SM Entertainment (SME) has seemingly used its influence to keep the group from promoting their latest dramas, music, or ventures in South Korea or Japan.